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5 Proven Methods To Boost Concentration And Your Grades

Published on 18 April 2017 by Ng Shi Hui

Singapore’s education system is highly pressurising, but there’s no need to state the obvious. With the recent changes to the PSLE scoring system, it’s yet to be tried and tested. Which means that even primary school students are not spared from the vicious clutches of educational stress. But fret not, because these 5 methods for boosting concentration and minimising distractions are going to greatly relieve that burden. Make a detailed lis...

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Your Lectures

Published on 29 March 2017 by Ng Shi Hui

Most of us have had that moment when the alarm rings in the morning. You wake up and think about how boring the lecture is going to be and how comfortable your bed is. You then decide you will recover the lost lesson later and pull the covers back over your head. There are lots of reasons why students will miss lectures, some are valid and some not so much. You may reason that you can stream the lectures on youtube or go to the online student por...

The Secondary School Crossroads: JC or Polytechnic?

Published on 31 October 2016 by Ng Shi Hui

Upon completion of the ‘O’ level examinations, secondary school students are presented with the daunting decision that’s presumably meant to dictate the rest of their lives. In one corner, we have the slightly more prestigious ‘Junior College’ route, which is a path that leads to the studies of even more theoretical applications. In the other corner, we have a wider range of academic and industrial options and the choice to specialize i...