The Top 10 Benefits of Home Tuition for Personalized Learning and Academic Achievement

Are the grades of your child getting poor? Is your child losing confidence? If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then it is the right time to hire a home tutor for your child. When […]

How to Choose the Perfect Home Tutor: Key Qualities and Strategies

In today’s competitive world, there might be fields where your child lacks some skills and for this, you might need a private tuition teacher. Whether your child is jumbling with difficult Maths equations or derivations of […]

How to have an excellent tutor-student relationship for success in a private tuition career in Singapore

Teaching private tuition in Singapore is a lucrative career. For the past few years, there has been a growing demand for private tutors in Singapore, driven by COVID-19's disruption of face-to-face schooling and the rise of […]

Supporting your Child through a Transition to a Primary School in Singapore

It is a joyous time for parents in Singapore when their little one is ready to move from the familiar and secure preschool environment to the more intensive and structured primary school environment. It is a […]

Goal Setting with your Child for the Next Academic Year

The school year is just around the corner, which means new opportunities and challenges for your child as he progresses to the next academic level. As your child looks ahead to the new year, now is […]

Steps to Motivate your Child to Complete his School Work this Holiday

MOE schools in Singapore are out for a well-deserved break. All primary, secondary and junior college students can finally enjoy some time off from the hustle and bustle of school life. However, this does not mean […]

How to Review your Child’s Yearly Performance with Your Home Tutor

Your child has received his year-end report book and you’re delighted with the results. Does this mean that your child is set for success? Not necessarily. While home tuition is known to help children bolster their […]

Are You Looking For A Home Tuition Agency In Singapore?

Check out our guide on how to ensure you select the most suitable one for your child. If your child is taking their O Level examinations, you may consider hiring a home tuition agency in Singapore […]

4 Ways to Improve your Primary School Child’s Chinese over the School Holiday

Singapore is a predominantly English-speaking country, with over 80% of the population using English as the primary language in our daily life. Given that Chinese is one of the academic subjects taught in Singapore schools, it […]

Are You Planning On Getting A Home Tuition Teacher In Singapore?

Below are a few key points to consider ensuring you get the right one for your child. Getting a home tuition teacher in Singapore can be a great way to supplement your child’s education, or to […]

How to Find a Good Home Tuition Agency as a New Home Tutor

If you are an aspiring home tutor, you may be wondering where the best place is to begin your journey. Although home tutoring is in great demand in Singapore, it can be difficult to find a […]

How can A-maths Lessons Become Fun and Exciting?

What does the term “A-maths lessons” bring to mind? Do you see a drab classroom full of revision papers, repeated drills, and complicated formulae, or do you envision an exciting, interactive session to look forward to […]

How Private Tuition in Singapore Helps Children Progress in School

Singapore's education system has received widespread attention and praise for being among the best in the world. However, it frequently causes children to fall behind their peers. Private tuition in Singapore is an excellent way to […]

7 Ways To Engage Students From Day One If You Are A Home Tuition Teacher in Singapore

As a home tuition teacher in Singapore, you can develop close relationships with your students. This can be difficult if they refuse to open up or engage with you. As the school year progresses and your […]

How to become an economics tutor in Singapore?

Economics tuition is in high demand these days. With an increasing number of JC students taking the subject and an overall increase in the number of students seeking economics tuition, tutoring economics in Singapore can be […]

Making a career as a home tuition teacher in Singapore

Have you ever wondered what it is like to make a living as a home tuition teacher in Singapore? Giving home tuition in Singapore can be a great way to connect with children and guide them […]

How to Find a Great A-Maths Tutor in Singapore

Additional Mathematics (A-Maths) can be a difficult subject for many students in Singapore. It is an introduction to more complicated concepts within the mathematics realm, including pre-calculus, calculus, and similar elements, requiring a different approach and […]

Physics Tuition in Singapore to Boost your Child’s Performance

Love it or hate it, but physics tuition is one of the most popular types of tuition in Singapore. While physics as a subject is introduced early on during the secondary school years, it gets more […]

Is economics tuition necessary for students to do well in exams?

Economics is a combination subject that is added to the curriculum generally at the Junior College level. While Secondary School has covered the basics leading up to it in terms of mathematics and general socials studies, […]

What is the Difference Between Private Tuition in Singapore and Regular School Lessons?

We frequently have parents asking us, “What makes your A-maths tuition in Singapore different from normal school classes?” Isn’t private tuition in Singapore just a fancy term for catch-up lessons if students are unable to keep […]

How to Engage Your Child During Tuition

It can be hard for children to maintain their attention span across the day. With school classes, supplementary lessons, and CCA activities, it’s no wonder that children become exhausted quickly, and lose focus during the one […]

What is the best way to study Economics?

Economics, to a lot of students in JC, is a new subject. Unlike the traditional and isolated subjects previously learned in secondary school, Economics requires not only a firm grasp of mathematics principles but also current […]

Why is Home Tuition So Popular in Singapore?

Known for being the land of kiasu parents, there is no shortage of private tuition in Singapore. This can be attributed to our nation’s strong focus on academic excellence and merit, making it a necessity for […]

What are the Benefits of Online Primary School Chinese Tuition?

A conducive learning environment? A flexibly paced curriculum? Instant communication with experienced tutors? Yes please! Amid the pandemic and the revolution in technology, more tuition classes than ever before are moving online, allowing students to cut […]

How to Make the Most of Your Study Group Time

Some people swear by study groups as a great way to mug for the exams together with friends. Study groups are a common sight in schools, libraries and cafeterias especially nearing exam period. For some students, […]

How to Increase Your Child’s Interest in the Chinese Language

The desire to learn mandarin is growing rapidly worldwide. Recently, Duolingo reported that mandarin is the 8th most popular language on its app. It is clear that people are increasingly looking for ways to learn the […]

Top 5 Math Exam Tips To Follow

Singapore is renowned for having one of the most demanding mathematics syllabi in the world, and its students have repeatedly demonstrated outstanding performance in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and other international maths studies. […]

How is Physics Used in Video Games?

Video games are all around us today, and many of them would not be possible without utilising physics concepts. Many physics principles that we take for granted have been painstakingly designed by game developers to offer […]

When Do You Need Economics Tuition?

It can be discouraging to get your test paper back with a poor grade on it. Unfortunately, you cannot change test results that are already over, but you can work towards improving your future grades. If […]

How to Find the Best A-level Maths Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Selecting a home tuition agency in Singapore for A-level Maths tuition can be a headache, with the numerous options available these days. One-on-one classes, small groups, virtual lessons, you name it – whatever your preferences are, […]

Find out why having an economics tutor will help you

Not doing so well at Economics in school? Maybe it is time for you to consider an Economics tutor. For those new to economics, this subject might be foreign and confusing at first. This may result […]

A Math Tutor for Your Child to Help Them Study for Their Exams

While in the past, tuition may be seen as additional help for students who are struggling, there has been an increased demand in them over the years. Recently, having tuition has been viewed as a necessity […]

Tips on Writing a Great Economics Essay

Economics students are no stranger to writing lengthy essays, a mandatory component of Paper 2 of H2 JC Economics. This paper is further divided into two sections, where Section A mainly focuses on microeconomics while Section […]

Common Myths about Home Tuition in Singapore

It has become commonplace for parents to sign their children up for tuition, regardless of their age, academic background, grades, or schools. In modern times, almost every student is expected to be attending tuition and enrichment […]

What are the Most Important Considerations When Choosing a Maths Tutor?

If you have been shopping around for O-level or A-level maths tuition for your child, you will undoubtedly have realised that there are simply too many options to pick from. What makes one tutor a better […]

How is JC Chemistry Tested?

Students coming to JC Chemistry from O-level Chemistry may find the huge jump in content a difficult challenge to tackle. While Chemistry in secondary school merely touched the tip of the iceberg, Chemistry in JC gets […]

Study Tips from Top Chemistry Students

JC chemistry is often touted as a content-heavy subject, where the average student typically struggles to master the entire syllabus. Despite its apparent difficulty, there are ways to excel in the subject as long as one […]

What Separates a Good Economics Student from the Rest?

Finding it difficult to clinch that ‘A’ in economics? Do not worry, you are not the only one. Economics is not a difficult subject to score in if one maintains good study habits. Unfortunately, many JC […]

Top Tips for Remembering Maths Concepts Better

Top Tips for Remembering Maths Concepts Better Examinations remain the key gateway to getting a good job and upgrading one’s social status in Singapore. Without scoring well in the national PSLE, O levels and A levels, […]

How to Select a Home Tuition Teacher in Singapore

Have you been looking for A level chemistry tuition in Singapore? You may have wondered at some point whether it is better to find a tuition centre or approach a home tutor. These days, an increasing […]

Key Characteristics of a Great Maths Tutor In Singapore

No matter where you study around the globe, Maths is one of the most important classes you will ever take. It teaches you the fundamental mathematical skills you will need throughout your life and is something […]

The Ultimate Guide for A Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Many of us remember Chemistry during our school days. The test tubes around the classroom, the colourful chemicals and those large protective glasses we all wore during experiments. While we remember the fun aspects of these […]

Key Signs Your Child May Need A Home Tutor

Home tuition in Singapore has grown in popularity over the last decade and for good reason too. It can help your child to significantly improve their grades, get more out of their education and enjoy school. […]

What is JC Chemistry in Singapore And How Can You Find the Right Tuition Center?

Many students who go through the Singapore education system will require tuition at one point or another. A-levels are known for being extremely difficult and can be stressful for students who fall behind in class. This […]

A Guide for Parents Looking for A Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Chemistry lessons in school are often extremely fun consisting of test tubes and numerous experiments within the classroom for assessment. However, often children can really struggle when it comes to the topics themselves. While the topics […]

Finding the Right Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

For students wanting to improve their grades in school, or for parents who want to help their child to get to the next level of education, looking for a personal tutor is crucial. However, how can […]

The Benefits of Using a Physics Tutor in Singapore

Physics is arguably one of the most interesting of all sciences. It teaches you why things move the way they do and the many forces acting on us at a single time. However, many children and […]

The Benefits of Home Tuition

All around the globe, private tutoring within the home has proven to improve grades in school as well as improve a student’s general understanding of a subject. It can be used for a wide array of […]

Why You Should Consider JC Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry is a complex subject but one and can influence many other classes such as GP tuition in Singapore. Most students who choose to take the subject will at one point or another require help and […]

Importance of Tuition For School Subjects

Whether you’re looking to improve your general grades with O level tuition, or you would like to improve a specific subject, for example with A level math tuition, it is important to understand how tuition can […]

Tuition Agency can Help with Your Child’s A Math Tuition Requirements

When it comes to value for money, education must be a top priority. The best education at a young age can put your child years ahead academically, allowing them to achieve from the very early stages […]

Hiring Home Tuition Teacher in Singapore

According to a report of BBC News, Singapore stands highest in the PISA rankings, with the outstanding performances of very young students in maths and science. That’s why Singapore always strives to maintain this position. This […]

How to boost your chemistry level in Singapore

Chemistry is an essential part of A-levels in Singapore hence the need for home tuition In Singapore. Chemistry is essential when a student reaches the university for medical and science-related courses. It is also important to […]

Home Tuition Agency

As we all know, education is a very important aspect of life that everyone should come in contact with. In the world we live in today, a person with no educational experience will find it difficult […]

A-Level Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry is up there as one of the most interesting subjects. Development of practical skills, the examination of scientific issues and intense study of life's foundations are some skills acquired at an advanced level by students. […]

When does your child need chemistry tuition?

For any Singaporean parent, watching your child struggle with chemistry can be frustrating. Trying to step in and help them out can lead to many a debate and argument between parent and child. If you would […]

Why Should I hire a Tutor from a Tuition Agency in Singapore?

For any parent, watching your children struggle with coursework can be a nightmare. Sitting back and watching them struggle can be painful. Finding a solution, though, can be difficult. It can be easy to look at […]

Should I Hire a Tutor for Physics Tuition in Singapore? Or self- learn?

They say that we’ll never truly understand the universe we live in – yet science goes a long way to filing in the blanks. One of the most important sciences, the one that can help us […]

A foreigner’s Guide to conquering Singapore’s PSLE Math

Singapore’s PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations), a national exam for Primary 6 (12 years old) children in Singapore is finally over for this year. However, the Math paper became the spotlight when a concerned mummy wrote […]

Getting GP Tuition in Singapore

When it comes to learning the challenges academical studies of Singaporean education, finding the time you need can be tough for gp tuition. Deadlines and demands in school, though, can make it even harder. How can […]

Good tuition Can Help You to Improve Grades

For any parent, the academic progress of their children should be of major importance to them. One of the hardest parts of early years education though, is making sure that your children get enough support and […]

5 Signs That Your Child is Struggling with Maths

For any parent, one of the most common issues that you can face with a young child is academic struggles. Problems with schoolwork and learning at the correct rate are sadly commonplace for a lot of […]

Why should you trust O level tutors to help you pass?

When you’re a student, one of the most challenging parts of learning can be who you learn from. The right tutor can help you to turn confusing and complex coursework into something you can easily understand […]

Why hiring a home tuition agency in Singapore makes so much sense

For anyone based in Singapore, you will know that you live in a nation with a very impressive education system. As impressive as that system is, though, there are some considerable challenges that lie in wait […]

Are Our Preschoolers Playing Enough (Or Too Much)?

Are our preschoolers playing enough? Or too much? This is the question both educators and parents ask themselves time and again. The problem with the Singapore preschool industry is that there is currently no one standard […]

International Baccalaureate (IB) Vs. A’ Levels: Which Is Better?

Introduction The outstanding performance of Singapore students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma exams has continued to set new records worldwide. Not only is Singapore ranked as the top-performing country with a record pass rate of […]

Find the Right Tutor for A’ Levels Math Tuition

Why A’ Levels Math Tuition Many students are struggling with A’ Levels Math, both H1 and H2. If you are struggling, you are definitely not alone. One of the reasons is because A’ Levels Math is […]

The Case for the phasing out of Secondary Schools Streaming by 2024

It’s in the news. The Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung, detailed in Parliament on 5 Mar 2019 on nationwide plans to phase out Streaming for Secondary Schools. This came after observations of positive outcomes […]

What Makes a Good Math & Science Tutor

Does an expensive tutor always equate to a good tutor? How does one know what should come with a good tutor who produces results? A good English tutor may not necessarily make a good Math tutor […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Prepare Your Child for Primary 1 in 2019 (The last-minute Parent’s Cheat Sheet)

The holidays season is almost coming to an end, and in the blink of an eye we will hit 2019. For some parents, this comes with more jitters as your child enters a new milestone – Primary 1. Is your child adequately […]

How to Get Optimal Results Out of Tuition

Are you paying a lot of money on private tuition? Are you getting results out of the hours you put in for your tuition? If not, are you getting blamed for not progressing in your studies? […]

MOE’s Exams Changes 2019 and the Tuition Landscape in Singapore

MOE’s Exams Changes 2019 In Sep 2018, MOE announced changes in its school exams system. There will be no exams at all for Primary 1 and Primary 2 students. For Primary 3, Primary 5, Secondary 1 […]

How to Overcome Anxiety in School

Anxiety is a very common feeling in school, more common than most of us want to admit. This is especially so for teenagers. Teenagers are at this awkward and sensitive season of self-discovery. It seems that […]

Integrated Programme – Go or no go?

Integrated Programme (IP) is an initiative by Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2004 to provide high-performing PSLE graduates with a stretched curriculum in Secondary School, and then promoting them directly to a partner Junior College for […]

In Junior College and Feeling Lost. What to do?

Are you feeling lost in Junior College (JC)? You are not alone. The education system in Singapore is so structured that most of us simply drift through life. We entered Primary One as compulsory education, put […]

How To Take Notes Effectively

Taking notes is an essential activity in our lives. Most people underestimate the importance of taking notes but in reality, taking notes is one of those obvious life hacks that improve your life drastically. You do […]

What the Skeptic Says about Right Brain Training

This article is a sequel of the article “All You Need to Know about Right Brain Training”. The first article is a more objective article, providing you most of the information you need to know about […]

All You Need To Know About Right Brain Training in Singapore

Singapore parents are turning to the right brain training development centres for their toddlers to accelerate their cognitive development to raise super smart babies. Early childhood research indicates that the golden development period of a child’s […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

If you have just joined graduate school, congratulations. Your writing skills have been good enough to take you there but that doesn’t mean that they will be enough to see you through. Chances are later in […]

Creative Writing Hacks for Primary School Students

Is your child struggling with creative writing? Getting your child to excel in creative writing is definitely not a walk in the park, especially if his English standard is just not at that level yet. Regardless, […]

How to study strategically for exams?

How to study strategically for exams? This is the question most students would have been thinking about at some point in time. Very likely this question comes along when a student is faced with multiple subjects […]

Why More School Teachers Opt to Give Private Tuition

The Singaporean education system is considered to be one of the most successful in the world as it is both rigorous and extensive and churns out many skilled graduates yearly. This is because most teachers in […]

How to do well in English Literature

Literature is commonly perceived to be a difficult subject to score for exams. For one, exams answers are all in essay format. If you are already struggling with producing a grammatically correct piece of writing, you […]

When should I sign my child up for tuition?

Can anyone be too young for tuition? At what age should we send our kids for tuition? These are questions on the minds of most parents of young children. As young as K1, children are expected […]

Struggles That Tutors Face That Parents Are Not Aware Of

Private tutoring, just like any other line of work, is not without its challenges. More often than not, private tutors face many problems that only they can understand. Private tutoring is a form of self-employment that […]

4 Important Reasons Why Tuition Is Necessary In Singapore

1) Classrooms are far too crowded Singapore's a pretty small country, with a population that's far too large. Our overcrowded classrooms are a byproduct of this phenomena. In primary school, it's not uncommon for a class […]

How To Introduce Math Concepts to Preschoolers

Math is a subject that helps us to make practical sense of the world around us. Can you imagine how the world can operate without numbers? Even the most illiterate person around needs to know his […]

How To Raise Kids the Minimalist Way

The pursuit of minimalism is a very intentional way of life, especially in Singapore where consumerism invades our culture in almost every way. The message we often receive from the society on a daily basis is […]

How to Choose the Right Tutor For Myself?

If you are reading this article, you probably are searching for an answer to the question in the title. You are likely starting to feel the necessity of getting a tutor for yourself – whether it’s […]

At What Age Should my Child Own a Phone?

When should I start getting my child a phone and how exactly should I go about it? This will be a question going through almost every parent’s mind at some point in time. It is a […]

How To Raise Emotionally Resilient Kids?

Emotional resilience refers to “one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. More resilient people are able to “roll with the punches" and adapt to adversity without lasting difficulties; less resilient people have a harder […]

4 Ways to Help Your Child Face Challenging Situations When They Get To School

When children get back to school, whether they are going to a new school, or just getting into a new Secondary school, or whether it is the child’s first entry into school, it is invariably a […]

Is My Preschooler Prepared for Primary One? – A Comprehensive Guideline

Is my preschooler prepared for Primary 1? This was almost never a concern of most parents 20 years ago. 20 years ago, majority of Primary 1 students would enter school with near zero ability to read […]

7 Definite Tips To Help You Ace Your Next Examination

Let's be honest here – no one likes examinations. Preparing for them is stressful, dreadful, and representative of all kinds of hell. Whether you're in secondary school or university, you probably hate examinations with the same […]

How To Study Smart In Singapore: An In-Depth Guide

Being a student in a competitive environment such as Singapore's is no easy feat. We have 168 hours a week. While it might seem like a substantial figure at face value, I'm sure we can all […]

5 Ways to Boost your Studying

Study guidelines suggest that for every hour spent in class, a further two hours should be spent studying outside class. For example if you have 4 courses that comprise of 3 hours each, that would translate […]

5 Proven Methods To Boost Concentration And Your Grades

Singapore’s education system is highly pressurising, but there’s no need to state the obvious. With the recent changes to the PSLE scoring system, it’s yet to be tried and tested. Which means that even primary school […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Your Lectures

Most of us have had that moment when the alarm rings in the morning. You wake up and think about how boring the lecture is going to be and how comfortable your bed is. You then […]

The Secondary School Crossroads: JC or Polytechnic?

Upon completion of the ‘O’ level examinations, secondary school students are presented with the daunting decision that’s presumably meant to dictate the rest of their lives. In one corner, we have the slightly more prestigious ‘Junior […]