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History teacher with studentIt’s compulsory for students to take at least one additional humanities subject once they enter secondary school and Junior College, and history is one of those dreaded subjects. Unlike other humanities, history is slightly different; in the sense that it’s a lot more monotonous and dry to learn. Some students might find the events of the cold war interesting, but it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. It’s also no better that history requires facts, dates, and names to be memorised. If you thought remembering mathematical formulas was boring, you haven’t seen anything yet.

History is the study of past events that have occurred before. This includes the periods of industrialisation, the two world wars, and other significant events that took place years or even decades ago. Most students question that since these things have already happened, what’s the whole point of studying them? The truth is that mistakes were made during those times, which is what ultimately led to these events of mass destruction and fear. Studying history allows us to realise the mistakes that were made before so that they wouldn’t be made again in the present. Giving students an actual purpose and a proper reason to study mundane subjects is the key to getting them to score for the examinations, especially when it comes to history. Edu Aid is a tuition agency that understands this fundamental concept of education, allowing us to make a difference in the lives of students and their grades. Fill up a ‘Request A Tutor’ form now and let’s turn your child into a historian!

Secondary School History Tuition

Students who just enter secondary school are forced to take all humanities as examinable subjects. This includes geography, literature, and last but not least, history. During secondary one and two, students simply have no other choice. It’s to expose them to these subjects so that they’ll understand where their interests lie and are able to make the right decision for themselves once streaming begins. Humanities isn’t exactly difficult during secondary one and two, but things start to change once the ‘O’ level syllabus are introduced.

The key to mastering history isn’t cramming page after page of textbooks. Conversely, it’s quite the opposite. Instead of cramming, history needs to be read, comprehended, and understood. But let’s face the World war I soldiers in trenchesfacts; none of that’s going to happen if a student approaches the subject thinking that it’s the most boring thing he’s ever read in his life. The first step is to have the student guided towards garnering an interest in history, which will make his learning process a lot smoother. If he’s interested, he’ll want to find things out on his own. If he isn’t, forcing it will simply be a wasted effort. The best type of motivation is self-motivation, and that’s not going to come if a student hates what he’s doing.

‘O’ level history is tested based on structured essay questions. It requires a ton of methodical writing that’s backed up with dates, facts, and relevant sources. Since students aren’t allowed to bring their textbooks into the examination halls, these sources need to be memorised by heart. But that’s just merely half the battle won. Sources and facts without proper application are meaningless. A private history tutor is able to coach students and point out the proper facts that should be used for appropriate questions. In turn, this will translate into better structured answers, resulting in better grades once the results come out. Secondary school history doesn’t have to be the bane of a secondary school student’s education. At least, not with the help from one of Edu Aid’s private history tutors.

Junior College History Tuition

Fortunately for Junior College students, the format and fundamentals of history as an ‘A’ level subject aren’t that much different from it’s ‘O’ level counterpart. The examinations are tested slightly differently, but the basis is already established and it’s not going to be a big jump. That means that whatever a student’s learned during his ‘O’ level years are somewhat transferrable to when advances into the ‘A’ levels. Sign post indicating History ZoneHowever, that doesn’t mean that JC history is going to be a stroll through the park. There’s still plenty of text that needs to be memorised, and plenty of practice required to know where these events are most applicable.

History at the ‘A’ levels can be challenging if you’re not prepared. Needless to say, preparation is the key to scoring for history in Junior College. But with so much pressure on the shoulders of JC students, there’s only so much that they can do with so little time. History can be an incredibly time-consuming subject to prepare for, which is why ‘A’ level history students are in dire need of some help.

It’s also no consolation that Junior College students are often met with the predicament of not being able to memorise enough facts and sources to properly construct a concrete argument in their essays, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A private history tutor is able to assist Junior College students by providing them with more effective studying techniques. They’re also gifted in terms of spotting examination questions, highlighting key takeaway points, and guiding students towards writing better structured essays. If you’re struggling to scrape through your history preliminaries, it’s probably a good sign for you to start seeking help.

Get An Experienced History Home Tutor

Investing in a tuition agency such as Edu Aid will give ‘A’ level students the fighting chance that they need when it comes to history. We connect students with our resources and private tutors who specialise in either secondary school and Junior College history. There’s no question that Edu Aid can be a significant help in any student’s struggle with the subject. All you need to do is fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and you’ll receive a list of recommended and reliable private history tutors who are ready to make all the difference in your academic life.

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