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‘O’ Levels and JC Chemistry Home Tuition in Singapore

Chemistry TuitionA vast majority of students who go through the Singapore education system take chemistry as one of their ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level subjects. More students than ever are encountering difficulties when it comes to taking chemistry. There’s no question about it, chemistry is simply not an easy subject. Ultimately, this means that both secondary school and Junior College students can benefit from having a private chemistry tutor to rely on, and that’s where Edu Aid comes into the picture. Finding a reliable chemistry home tuition teacher to teach ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level students is not just our mission; it’s our specialty. It’s what we live for. So if you’re looking for a chemistry tutor for secondary school or Junior College students, hop over to our ‘Request A Tutor’ form now!

Chemistry home tuition is absolutely crucial to the educational success of any student, and obtaining mastery over the subject takes more than just practice. It’s important to not simply rely on memorising and remembering chemical formulas. A student needs to completely understand the reasons and implications behind each equation. This becomes even more vital as your child advances into Junior College, where balancing equations becomes the easiest part of chemistry.

Secondary School Chemistry TuitionChemistry molecular structure

Here’s what’s really troubling. Right from the beginning of a child’s secondary school education, chemistry becomes one of their most dreaded subjects. It’s boring, uninteresting, and an incredibly dry subject to learn. If you pair that with a chemistry teacher who speaks in a monotonous tone and has no indication of making their lessons just a tad livelier, then you’ll have a recipe for disaster. There is a pressing need for students to be interested in what they’re being taught, and there’s no way that’s going to happen if such circumstances were involved. Perhaps it’s time for parents to take matters into their own hands and take back control over your child’s development.

Periodic TableEdu Aid has access to numerous well-versed chemistry tutors who are experienced in imparting knowledge to struggling secondary school students. The importance of having one-to-one tuition is that your child will be placed in an environment that they are familiar and comfortable with. Not to mention that they will have the full attention of a qualified chemistry private tutor. The presence of a private chemistry tutor will allow your child to excel in chemistry, and that’s going to do leaps and bounds for their ‘O’ levels down the road.

But chemistry tuition extends far beyond getting good grades. Education isn’t all about numbers, it’s about actual learning. Our chemistry home tutors recognise this, and they make it their priority to ensure that their students, including your child, learn and appreciate the practicality of science. This is knowledge that will follow them throughout his entire life. Having a chemistry tutor for secondary school makes all the difference.

Junior College Chemistry Tuition

A student’s stint in Junior College is no fun and games, especially if you’re taking chemistry as a H1 or H2. Once you throw that into the picture, you’re going to be in a world of struggle. It’s a known fact that ‘A’ level chemistry is made up of treacherous waters, and the slightest misstep can completely wreck a student’s progress. In addition to that, the competition in Junior College has become impossibly steep – ace-ing the ‘A’ levels is no longer a one-man job. In fact, it might even require a full team of tutors just to make that a possibility. Chemistry in the ‘A’ levels is truly that challenging, this is no exaggeration. But walls must be climbed, obstacles must be conquered, and challenges must be overcome.

One of the most common misconceptions about tuition agencies is that a tutor is usually only engaged for secondary school tuition. But that’s far from the truth. Don’t be surprised, but the number of ‘A’ level chemistry tuition requests has grown significantly and is almost on-par with the number of requests for secondary school chemistry tuition. Soon, it might even become mandatory if you want to succeed in Junior College chemistry. That’s how difficult ‘A’ level chemistry actually is; ‘Advanced’ isn’t just a name, but an accurate representation of how big of a step it is from the ‘Ordinary’ levels.Asian chemistry student looking at test tube

Chemistry isn’t one of those subjects where a student can just spend hours practicing and they will eventually get it. There are numerous complexities that exist within the subject, and it’s highly likely that Junior College students simply can’t understand them. There’s nothing self-explanatory about optical isomers and halogen derivatives. Additionally, Junior College chemistry also has practical assessments to boot. That’s just far too much for a student to handle.

But with every problem, there’s a solution. A chemistry home tuition teacher will break down all of these complicated topics and simplify them into layman terms. The most important aspect about doing well in chemistry is simply understanding it. It also helps that a private chemistry tutor for ‘A’ level students took the ‘A’ levels before themselves, giving them the ability to understand what’s going through the minds of struggling students.

It hardly matters whether your child is in secondary school or Junior College. In either scenario, your child is bound to benefit from having a chemistry tutor in his preparation for the ‘O’ levels or the ‘A’ levels. But there’s always an opportunity; a fighting chance for your child to maximise their potential. They are going to need help getting there. Just as long as they are equipped with a positive attitude, a flawless study plan, and the right private chemistry tutor, there’s no doubt that you’re going to see a considerable boost in his grades.

Edu Aid exists to provide worried parents with the most suitable chemistry home tuition teacher to suit your child in both Junior college and secondary school. Let’s help your child unlock their potential and ease their way through the final examinations with the help from one of our trusted, verified, and reliable private chemistry tutors. Simply send in a ‘Request A Tutor’ form and your child will finally get the help that he needs in chemistry.