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Registration & Eligibility

  • – 18 years old and above
  • – A Singapore citizen/ Singapore permanent resident (PR)/ Valid employment pass holder
  • – Minimum qualifications with a pass in ‘O’ levels

Verification of Credentials

All contents such as text, photographs and certificates are the sole responsibility of the tutor from which the contents are originated. As such, you are responsible for all contents that you post, upload and email or made available via Edu Aid Tuition’s website.

It is the tutor’s responsibility to ensure that all information provided and credentials uploaded are accurate and truthful. Edu Aid will not tolerate tutors who provides fake information and credentials. Tutors whose credibility is compromised will be subject to:

  • – Blacklisted from Edu Aid’s database
  • – Contact details will be released out to partnering agencies.
  • – Reporting to the police

Tutors are required to bring and present your NRIC, relevant certificates and transcripts on the first lesson regardless of any request from the clients. The clients reserves the right to request to verify your credentials prior to the start of the first lesson.

Assigning and Acceptance of Assignments

You may either receive or call or SMS broadcast of any new assignments available. However, Edu Aid Tuition cannot guarantee that you will be selected for the assignment even after you have responded to the SMS broadcast. Only short listed candidates will be contacted for further discussions.

Prior to accepting an assignment, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to fully commit to the assignment and do not have any other conflicting schedules which may result to changing of day and time of lessons, especially for the first lesson.

Upon acceptance of the assignment, you are required to commit to the tuition assignment for a minimum of 4 weeks. Should you terminate the assignment prior to the minimum period of 4 weeks, you will have to pay 50% of the 1st month tuition fees to Edu Aid Tuition (Read “Termination of Assignments prior to 1st month”). Clients will not be bound to this agreement and reserves the right to terminate the assignment at any time after the first lesson.

Conduct of Tutors

Edu Aid expects all our tutors to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. Edu Aid reserves the right to terminate the assignment immediately should we deem the tutor’s conduct to be unsatisfactory. Repeated poor conduct would lead to suspension or terminating of your account. Guidelines of proper conduct include but are not limited to:

  • – Tutors should always be on time for lessons, this is especially so for the first lesson. Prior to attending the first lesson, please ensure that you have looked up the exact location of client’s address. Leave home earlier then what is expected to cater for lost time in the event you are unable to find your way to the client’s residence. Losing your way should not be an excuse for being late.If being late is inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances, you should inform the client as soon as possible.
  • – Should a change in tuition schedule be required, it is the tutor’s responsibility to ensure that the client is notified at least 2 days in advance, unless due to sickness, in which a doctor’s medical certificate (MC) should be provided.
  • – Ensure regular communication with the clients to provide updates on the student’s progress.
  • – One of the characteristics of a good tutor is the ability to motivate and encourage his/her students;hence, verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.

Payment of Commission

To ensure fair commission collection policy to our tutors, Edu Aid have categorize the tuition assignments into “Long-Term Assignments”, Short-Term Assignments” and “Crash Courses”

Assignments are identified as short-term or crash courses only when it is communicated to us upfront by the client upon requesting of tutors. As such, unless otherwise specified by the client, all assignments will be regarded as long-term assignments.Long-term assignment being cut short due to any reasons whatsoever will not be considered as short-term assignments and commission of 50% will still apply. Read “Termination of Assignments prior to 1st month”

Collection of commission will always be at the end of the 2nd week of lessons, regardless of whether there is a change of dates for the lessons. (I.e. for 4 lessons a month, if the first lesson is on Tuesday, Edu Aid Tuition will collect the commission on the following Tuesday regardless of whether the 2nd lesson day has been brought forward or delayed by either the client or the tutor.

Long-Term Assignments

Long-term assignments are defined as assignments that are intended to proceed beyond 3 months. Edu Aid Tuition will collect 50% of the first month tuition fee from the client at the end of the 2nd week. At the end of the 4th week of lessons, the client will pay the remaining 50% of the 1st month tuition fee to you. We will be collecting the commission only from the first month. For subsequent months, the clients will pay the full tuition fees to the tutor directly.

Short-Term Assignments

Short-term assignments are defined as assignments with duration of more than one month but less or equal to 3 months. Edu Aid Tuition will collect 30% of the first month tuition fee from the client at the end of the 2nd week. At the end of the 4thweek of lessons, the client will pay the remaining 70% of the 1st month tuition fee to you. We will be collecting the commission only based on the first month. For subsequent months, the clients will pay the full tuition fees to the tutor directly.

Crash Courses

Crash Courses are defined as assignments with duration of one month or less. The estimated number of lessons will be decided prior to the confirmation of the assignment. Edu Aid Tuition will be collecting 20% of the tuition fees collected for the entire duration of the course. This will be collected on the 2nd week of lessons. Tutors are to collect the remaining 80% tuition fee from the clients at the end of the assignment

Should the number of lesson taught be less then what was initially decided, the commission will be pro-rated accordingly and the excess collected will be refunded to the tutor. Similarly, should the number of lessons eventually exceeds number of lessons that was initially decided on, the tutor will be required to transfer 20% of the excess tuition fee collected to the agency. It will be based on trust that the tutor will inform the agency of the additional number of lessons taught. Tutors who are found to breach this trust will be blacklisted.

Changes to Tuition Schedule and Postponement/Cancellation of Lessons

Changes to the tuition schedule are subject to mutual agreement between the client and the tutor. Edu Aid must be notified of any changes made to the frequency of the lessons in the first 4 weeks of lessons as adjustment may be made to the commission.

The tutor shall inform the agency and the client if a postponement or cancellation of a lessons is made. The client’s contact details are stated in the confirmation invoice. Postponement of lessons are to be done at least 3 days before the commencement of the lessons unless due sickness (a medical certificate must be provided to the client). Complains about tutor due to repeated postponement/cancellation of lessons will results to immediate termination of the assignment and blacklisting of the tutor,

Clients should also inform the tutor of any postponement at least 3 hours away before the start of the lesson. If the tutor is informed less than 3 hours before the commencement of the lessons, the tutor reserves the right to hold the client liable to compensate for the loss of time and transport cost to the tutor. The amount payable shall amount to no more than 1 lesson tuition fee. The client shall make the payment in cash on the tutor’s next visit or via internet banking if there is no more next visits.

Cancellation and postponement of lessons shall not affect the amount and collection date of the commission.

Termination of Assignments Prior to 1st Month

Termination by tutor

After confirmation of the assignment (I.e. after the client’s contact number and full address have been given to you), you will be required to commit for a minimum of 4 weeks. For whatever reasons you may need to terminate the assignment, you will be required to compensate to Edu Aid a fee equivalent to 50% of the first month tuition fees as stated in the confirmation SMS or email.In addition, if Edu Aid deems the reason as not valid, you will be blacklisted and we would cease to offer any potential students to you in future.

Termination by client

If the client terminates the tuition services before completing the 1st month, Edu Aid Tuition will collect from the client the tuition fee for the number of the lessons. 50% of the tuition fee collected will be refunded to the tutor. The tutor will be requested to furnish their bank account details for us to proceed with the transfer

Edu Aid will within our best of ability retrieve the payment from the client. However, in the event the client decides to default on the payment, Edu Aid will not be liable to make any payments on the client’s behalf. Read “Default of payment by tutees”

Default of Payment by Tutees

Should there be any monetary disputes regarding tuition fees between the clients and tutors, Edu Aid may be able to provide assistance within our means to help tutors to recover the payments. However, Edu Aid is not legally responsible for any payment dispute that arise between tutor and client. Edu Aid is not liable to pay up any tuition fees to the tutor should the client defaults on the payment.

Age, Gender and Race Preference

Very often, clients may have specific preferences and requirements for age, gender and race. By signing up as a tutor with Edu Aid, you agree to accept that you may be receiving advertisements of assignments with specific request. At any time do you feel that the advertisement are discriminatory and offensive, you may choose to unsubscribe as a tutor with Edu Aid.

Likewise, before accepting an assignment, it is also the tutor’s responsibility to clarify the gender and/or race of tutee if it might be of concern to you. Once the assignment is accepted and confirmed, and tutor decides terminate it due to race/gender preferences, they will be liable to pay to the agency 50% of the 1st month of tuition fee. Read “Termination of Assignments prior to 1st month”


Edu Aid acts as a 3rd party in the process of the matching services. In no event shall Edu Aid, the director and the respective employees be liable for any damages or physical harm inflicted whatsoever (including, but not limited to, theft, damages to property, physical/verbal abuse, outrage of modesty, sexual harassment, etc) to either of the involved parties.

Edu Aid reserves the right to amend our T&C at any time without prior notice to our tutors.

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

There are laws that have been in place since January 2014 that restrict the sale of phone numbers to third parties without the consent of the persons. This is in accordance to the Do Not Call (DNC) article under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). No advertisements are permitted to be sent to any Singapore phone number that signed up with the DNC list.

However, as previously mentioned, upon registration through our website, you automatically accept calls and SMS messages from our staff and associates. If this is not something you desire, you may choose to email to admin@eduaid.com.sg indicating your name and mobile number and we will remove you as a tutor with Edu Aid within 5 working days.