Higher Chinese Tuition

Chinese class scheduleSingapore’s education system requires students to study at least two different languages. It’s a compulsory standard since acquiring independence back in 1965, and has been the norm ever since. This has led to an influx in demand for Chinese tuition in Singapore. These two language include English and Mother Tongue. Since majority of the Singaporean population comprises of Chinese, it’s only natural to assume that most Singaporeans speak Chinese. This makes fluency in the language important in local context. However, that’s merely scraping the surface. In actuality, Chinese is becoming a necessity globally, especially with China’s booming market.

Unfortunately, numerous students continue to struggle to learn Chinese because of its utter difficulty. This may be due to the increasing number of families adopting English as its main language at home. Not speaking Chinese at home is one of the many factors that prevent students from excelling in their Chinese. If you want your child to get better grades and develop a stronger interest in the language, you might want to consider engaging a tuition agency to provide your child with a reliable Singapore Chinese tuition teacher. Fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and get started with Edu Aid today!

Primary School Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Chinese at primary school levels is gradually becoming more difficult. The vocabulary involved has become more advanced and extends beyond memorising phrases and sentences. While it’s still possible to regurgitate memorised and beautifully-structured sentences in compositions and achieve a decent grade, it’s not going to make a significant difference in a student’s Chinese standard in the long run.Primary student studying happily

If your child managed to stream himself into taking Higher Chinese, the norms will begin to get a bit more complicated. Not only does he have to worry about scoring for the standard-level Chinese, he now also has to worry about the more advanced level. Sentences are more complicated, the words are more difficult to comprehend, and not to mention the definitions of each word. Primary school is the period where students begin to form their interests, and it’s important to leverage on this stage to get your child to develop a stronger interest in Chinese. This will allow your child to have an easier path in Chinese once he advances on into secondary school.

Higher Chinese, needless to say, is far more taxing on primary school students. In order to combat this, parents need to seek educational help for their children as early as possible, especially for Higher Chinese. It’s a subject that requires a student’s full attention and dedication if students want to score well. Primary school teachers have their attention spread out across 40 other students, which makes it likely for your child to fall behind in class since he doesn’t have the resources and the guidance to ensure his full understanding. A Higher Chinese private tutor will be able guide your child and provide him with the attention that he needs to fully comprehend each lesson. Edu Aid provides struggling students with quality Higher Chinese private tutors who can make all the difference in their grades.

Secondary School Higher Chinese Tuition

If you thought that elementary level Chinese was difficult, wait till you open up the text books of Higher Chinese in secondary school. You’d probably need to whip out the dictionary just to make sense of each sentence. Needless to say, Higher Chinese only gets more difficult as a student grows older. This makes it even more vital for students to keep up with the syllabus and ensure that they don’t fall behind. Students need to fully utilise every opportunity that they get to practice reading, reading, and speaking Chinese to stay on top of the competition. However, there’s only a limited number of chances for that in a secondary school’s daily life since everyone converses in Singlish.

chinese dictionaryWhat your child needs is a Higher Chinese private tutor in order for him to get the valuable practice that he needs. Apart from that, students also learn the language much more effectively as they’ll learn the right ways to derive meanings from words and phrases, and also grow their vocabulary to much more advanced levels. All of this can be made possible through the teaching styles of Edu Aid’s private tutors, who make learning Higher Chinese an enjoyable and fruitful process for both the student and teacher. Students are more mature once they hit secondary school, but that can be a double-edged sword. They might feel more adamant on their stand on not wanting to learning Chinese, or they could open up to the idea of properly learning it for their own benefit. A Higher Chinese private tutor might gear him towards the direction of the latter by providing him with more insight and encouragement.

Parents are not entirely powerless in their children’s education. It’s always possible for them to intervene and administer the right help if their child is struggling, especially if they deem that their child isn’t absorbing in school. If your child appears to be struggling with Higher Chinese, it might be a good idea to start seeking a Higher Chinese private tutor. Each day that your child goes on without one is another full day’s worth of syllabus that he’s falling behind on. Students need a mentor to have their questions answered, to have words explained, and sentences broken down. All of this can be achieved through a Higher Chinese private tutor from a tuition agency as renowned as Edu Aid.

We are a Singapore private home tuition agency that specialises in Higher Chinese for both primary school students and secondary school students. Our tutors are diversified in terms of the levels that they’re able to teach, granting them a wealth of experience in the process. Their number of years in providing Higher Chinese tuition has empowered them with the ability to make a significant change in your child’s grades. All you have to do is simply fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and your child will finally be able to fully maximise his Higher Chinese potential.

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