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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, abbreviated IGCSE, is a programme that was initiated by the Cambridge International Examination (CIE). The programme covers a wide variety of subjects as part of its course. Essentially, these subjects fall under Humanities, Languages, Technical, Mathematics, and Vocational, which are further broken down into either standard or higher levels. This renowned programme is no walk in the park for students. It’s known to be far more challenging, and tuition is going to play a big role in a student’s grades. So, fill up our request a tutor form now and secure your grades for your IGCSE!

The Reason Why IGCSE Tuition Is Essential

It’s offered mainly by international school across Singapore, and is slightly different from Singapore’s academic system. Some might even consider it to be comparatively more in-depth and thorough. Yes, apparently there is a programme that’s even harder than Singapore’s own education, which explains its international recognition. Needless to say, the IGCSE is certainly a qualification that takes some serious discipline and hard work.

But working hard is merely half the battle won. IGCSE students are tested in an assortment of forms, which includes oral, written, coursework, and practical examinations. Its syllabus is constantly updated and the examination questions are designed to be a little tricky. The point is, it’s not one of those things that students will be able to breeze through.

Enlisting the expertise of a tuition agency to assist you in your IGCSE journey is something worth looking into. After all, we’re here to help. A vast majority of students in Singapore take the traditional route by studying for the GCE ‘O’ level examinations, which is slightly different. There are a scarce number of tuition centres that provide tuition for IGCSE, and even if they did, the fees will be quite pricey. A tuition agency such as Edu Aid provides you with a wiser alternative; a qualified and trusted private tutor. Our selection of IGCSE tuitions have either gone through the examinations themselves or are experienced educators who’ve familiarised themselves with the IGCSE curriculum.

Improve Grades By Engaging A Home Tutor

Engaging an IGCSE private tutor is a sound investment that will grant you unspeakable returns. Students who are academically aided by tuition agencies tend to have improved grades and less stress. You’ll no longer have to frantically scribble notes in class and panic every time your teacher mentions something that you fail to understand. Your questions can be answered every week, providing you with a more comprehensive understanding of the subject that you’re wrangling with.

If you haven’t considered a tuition agency, it’s about time that you give it some serious thought. As we already mentioned, the IGCSE is a challenging programme and it’s an arduous journey to the top. We can help you get there by connecting you with a reputable IGCSE private tutor who will lighten your load and shed some light unto your academic path. Edu Aid truly understands the pressure that IGCSE students undergo, and we’re here to support students through this journey.

Talk to us and share with us your needs. We’re connected with professional private tutors across the island who are just as eager to teach as you are to learn.

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