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Economics Tutors in Singapore

As the world becomes increasingly competitive, the younger generation of Singapore are beginning to feel the pressure as well. The introduction of economics is an effort to better prepare students for the working world, which is the reason why it’s been adopted as both an ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level subject. Despite its perceived difficulty, economics is undoubtedly one of the most informative and fulfilling subjects that students get to study. The subject comprises of two different components: microeconomics and macroeconomics. The former encompasses individuals and companies, adopting a slightly more microscopic view on economics, while the latter observes economics on a more global scale such as in other countries and across borders.

From what’s already been said about economics as a subject, you can probably already tell that it’s not as straightforward as languages and humanities. However, it’s also not as complicated as math and sciences, as long as the subject is approached correctly. Edu Aid connects parents and students with reputable private economics tutors who are able to provide your child with a more comprehensive outlook and insight into economics. All you have to do is fill up a ‘Request A Tutor’ form now and your child will be given the help he needs to excel in economics!

Secondary School Economics Tuition

Economical concepts at secondary school are certainly harder for students to grasp. They’ve yet to be exposed to current events and reading the financials of a company, much less of an entire country. Secondary school students tend to perceive subjects in a straightforward manner, in the sense that what they see is what they get. Most of them don’t go out of their way to learn about economics on their own, which is what truly differentiates a student who excels at it and a student who doesn’t. After all, it is rare for secondary school students to find that sense of curiosity or motivation.

Economics at the secondary school level is generally tested through written essays and analysing case studies, which means that memorisation alone isn’t going to be sufficient enough for students to get a good grade. The right way to approach economics is by understanding the concepts, metrics, what they represent and how they can be applied. However, achieving that through a student’s own capacity might not be the most effective approach. Secondary school students who study economics require guidance, and there’s no better form of guidance than that from a private economics tutor.

Edu Aid is equipped with experienced private home tutors who’ve graduated from some of Singapore’s top universities, specialising in economics. There’s no one better qualified to teach your child economics than Edu Aid’s private tutors. The introduction of economics to secondary school students can be overwhelming enough for them to drop it, especially if they lose their way through the complex concepts and calculations. It certainly isn’t a subject that secondary school students are usually able to master on their own, making it imperative for parents to engage a private economics tutors on their behalf. Don’t let your child suffer in silence any longer and hire a private economics tutor from Edu Aid today!

Junior College Economics Tuition

Economics can be taken in Junior College as an H1 or an H2 level subject. This is heavily dependent on the student’s confidence in their economical knowledge. However, to the dismay of most of these students, they soon discover that ‘A’ level economics isn’t as easy as they initially thought it was. Unlike languages or math and sciences, economics is typically a subject that’s foreign and unfamiliar. After all, it’s not a subject that was taught in primary school and only a few students have taken it in secondary school.

Let’s not forget that the ‘A’ levels comprises of several other subjects as well. This means that if a Junior College student is struggling in economics, chances are, they are focusing more of their time to bring up his grades in economics and neglecting the others. Naturally, this isn’t the most effective way for a student to utilise his time and resources. Junior college requires students to manage their time efficiently. There’s only two short years for them to prepare for an examination that’s at least twice as hard as the ‘O’ levels. If you asked me, that’s not going to be easy at all.

With the help of a private economics tutors, junior college students are able to receive the help that they need to excel in economics, while freeing up more of their time to brush up on their other subjects as well. A private tutor is able to impart economical knowledge to students in shorter timeframes and sift out the important points that will be tested in the examinations. It’s an added benefit that private economics tutors are able to spot examination questions accurately and provide tips and study guides for their students. With the right help from the right private tutor, an ‘A’ level student’s grade certainly has the potential to skyrocket.

Private home economics tuition is conducted based on the schedule of the student, creating some much needed flexibility. The curriculum of a JC student is generally packed with after school activities and assignment deadlines, making it difficult for them to commit to regular tuition. In other words, a tuition centre for your child taking the ‘A’ levels isn’t the way to go. Conversely, a private home tutor is able to meet all of these requirements with relative ease. All you need to do is fill up a ‘Request A Tutor’ form and you’ll instantly gain access to our pool of qualified private economics tutors.