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Every secondary school student in Singapore is first introduced to Social Studies at secondary one. From then onwards, social studies becomes an integral part of their secondary school education. It’s a subject that falls under humanities in an effort to promote civic-mindedness and establish a sense of familiarity with Singapore’s own history. In fact, the syllabus that’s taught on social studies in the ‘O’ levels is rather similar to what’s taught in history. The only difference is that social studies adopts a more in-depth approach towards Singapore’s history, while history itself takes a more macroscopic and global approach.

A private social studies tutor from a tuition agency will play a significant role in smoothening the transitioning process for secondary school students, allowing them to stay ahead of the class and maintain a good distance throughout his or her course of study. All you need to do is fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and your child will get that tuition and the help he needs to score for his social studies.

The Struggles With Social Studies

Dates, names, and events still need to be memorised in both social studies and history. But if you’re thinking that memorisation is all it takes to do well in social studies, then we’re going to have to stop you right there. Social studies isn’t a subject where regurgitating whatever you memorised from a textbook is going to get you through the examinations with an easy A. It’s a subject that’s demanding in terms of critical thinking and linking the contents of your essay to the question. In hindsight, you’re going to need to do a lot more than just remember facts – that’s the easy part. It’s no wonder that most secondary school students struggle with social studies at the start. It’s tested in a format that’s almost entirely foreign to them. The examinations are tested in a format comprising of source-based questions and structured-essay questions, where both components require a detailed understanding of social studies as a whole.

Secondary school students often struggle to keep up during social studies class, primarily because the subject isn’t the most interesting thing to learn. But we can’t place the blame on secondary school teachers; it’s no doubt that they’re trying their best. It’s just that social studies simply isn’t an interesting subject to learn, much less teach. If your child is struggling to score for his social studies, it’s probably a good idea to find out what he’s struggling with. Social studies is a subject that requires a strong foundation in argumentative essay writing, a robust grasp over the fundamentals and the timeline of Singapore’s history, and an impregnable confidence in the details of each event. As you can already tell, doing well for social studies comprises of many contributing factors, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your child’s falling grades.

Experienced Tutors To Help Your Child

Fortunately for both parents and students, Edu Aid is a renowned Singapore home tuition agency that has the resources to change these circumstances. Our private tutors who specialise in social studies have a wealth of experience under their belt, allowing them to instantly recognise the best methods to teach your child. They’re able to identify their weak spots and have them reinforced through practice and understanding. Secondary school students tend to take their grades lightly, but that’s only because they’re unable to see the bigger picture, especially at an age as tender as theirs. Social studies needs to be approached from a top-down perspective, and our private tutors are able to guide their students towards adopting that point of view.

It also helps that Edu Aid’s private tutors have gone through the secondary school education system themselves before. They’re able to recognise and empathise with the struggles of secondary school students, and prevent them from making the same mistakes that they did when they were their age. Without the proper guidance, secondary school students might end up feeling completely lost in the face of a question that they’re not familiar with. In fact, they might not even know where to begin.

A private social studies tutor dedicates his or her time to your child, ensuring that he’s keeping up with his lessons in school and that his understanding of each chapter is as strong as it can be. It’s through this extra help that students are able to produce authentic answers that are supported by the necessary facts and details. All of this equates to producing better results during the examinations. Social studies at the ‘O’ levels is all about being mentally prepared. Students need to know their textbooks in complete confidence and recall the important details in order to maximise their marks.

We’ve already established that social studies is a challenging subject that requires critical thinking, general knowledge, and expert writing skills. It’s ultimately the gateway for students to learn how to write reports, and conduct research studies when they advance into tertiary education. Without a strong foundation in social studies, your child might have to struggle through more than just his term in secondary school. At Edu Aid, we are advocates of problem prevention, and there’s a problem that can potentially affect your child’s future in the long haul.

Get the Best Tutor Here At Edu Aid Tuition

Fortunately, we have just the solution. A Singapore private home tuition agency has the capacity and the experience to connect you with the most knowledgeable and reputable private social studies tutors in Singapore. Each of these tutors has had their qualifications and their experiences verified and approved by us. As an added measure, parents are also given the freedom of choice to choose from a number of recommended and selected tutor profiles. We work alongside parents to provide your child with the best help that he can get, all in accordance to your pre-requisites and criteria. Fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form now and get your child a private social studies tutor today!

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