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  • Edu Aid Tuition Services is a tuition agency that matches parents/tutees to private home tutors. All services provided by Edu Aid and the tutor assigned are subject to the terms and conditions indicated below. Decisions to engage Edu Aid for our services and tutors meant that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted herein. The word “client” refers to parents and tutees who requested for a tutor. “Tutor” refers to tutors who have registered with us whom will be providing the tutoring services. The word ‘Edu Aid’, ‘agency’, ‘us’ and ‘we’ refers to Edu Aid Tuition Services.

    T&C (For Clients – Parents or Students)

    Quality of Tutoring Service

    While Edu Aid strive to provide quality services to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for both clients and tutors throughout the entire liaison process, Edu Aid does not guarantee that the assigned tutor will improve the student’s academic grades. In addition to tuition, the student would also have to do their due diligence to ensure that sufficient revision was done in order to perform well in examinations.

    The client reserves the right for free cancellation of a tutor after the first lesson if tutoring services is found unsatisfactory. However, the client is liable to pay for the tuition fee for the number of lessons taught regardless of how satisfactory the lessons were. You may request for a replacement tutor. We will to the best of our ability try to find a replacement tutor, but this will be subject to availability of the tutors who are able to match your search criteria. We do not guarantee that a replacement tutor would be found.Clients may also contact us to provide feedback on Edu Aid’s and/or the tutor’s services. We would appreciate all feedbacks as this would help us improve our services in future.

    Commission and Mode of Payment

    The services is free-of-charge for the clients as50% of the 1st month tuition fee will deducted from the tutor as commission for our services. However, we will require your assistance in collecting the payment by requesting you to transfer a sum amounting to 50% of the 1st month tuition fees after the 2nd week of lessons has commenced. At the end of the 4th week lessons, you will be required to pay to the tutor the remaining 50% of the 1st month tuition fees. Commission charged to the tutor is only for the 1st month. For subsequent months, you will be required to pay the full sum of the tuition fee directly to the tutor at the end of every 4th week of lessons.

    Collection of commission will always be at the end of the 2nd week of lessons, regardless of whether there is a change of dates for the lessons. I.e. for 4 lessons a month, if the first lesson is on Tuesday, Edu Aid will collect the commission on the following Tuesday regardless of whether the 2nd lesson day has been brought forward or delayed by either the client or the tutor.

    An official invoice will be emailed to the clients once an assignment has been confirmed. Clients will be required to make the payment of the commission on the due date stated on the invoice. Payment shall be made either by internet banking or via an ATM. Detailed payment instructions will be indicated in the invoice. If the payment is made via an ATM, it is the client’s responsibility to keep the receipt as proof so that we are able to verify the payment.

    Should the client decide to pass the commission to the tutor so that the tutor can make the payment on their behalf, this should be made known to us upon receipt of the official invoice so that arrangements can be made with the tutor. However, the client will be liable to pay us the commission if the tutor eventually defaults on the payment.
    Should the client suggest direct collection of the commission at their residential address, they must be agreeable with the additional administrative charges imposed by Edu Aid.

    Under special circumstances, a small percentage of tutors may request for payments to be made after every lessons. In this case, clients are required to withhold the tuition fees for the first 2 weeks of lessons which are to be paid to Edu Aid on the due date stated on the invoice. Payments to the tutor should be made only from the 3rd week of lessons onwards. Should client choose to make payments directly to the tutor from the start of the first lesson, the client will be liable to pay us the commission if the tutor eventually defaults on the payment.

    First lesson

    Upon official confirmation of the assignment, the date and the time of the first lesson is fixed and should be adhere to.

    Clients are required to complete a minimum of 1 lesson. The client will be liable to pay the agency an administrative charge amounting to 1 lesson tuition fee should tuition be cancelled by you before the commencement of the first lesson.This is to compensate for the effort, time and resources that was used to look for a tutor. However, should one or more lessons have been conducted, and the client decides to terminate the tuition, the client would only have to pay for the number of lessons taught.

    Verification of credentials

    Edu Aid have made it mandatory for the tutor to bring all their relevant certificates and NRIC for the first lesson for verifications purpose. Clients have the right to request to view the original copies of the tutor’s credentials prior to the start of the lesson.

    Changes to Tuition Schedule and Postponement/Cancellation of lessons

    Changes to the tuition schedule are subject to mutual agreement between the client and the tutor. Edu Aid must be notified of any changes made to the frequency of the lessons in the first 4 weeks of lessons as adjustment may be made to the commission.

    The client shall inform the agency and the tutor if a postponement or cancellation of a lesson is made. The tutor’s contact details are stated in the confirmation invoice.Postponements of lessons are to be done at least 3 hours before the commencement of the lessons. If the tutor is informed less than 3 hours away from the start of the lesson, the tutor reserves the right to hold the client liable to compensate for the loss of time and transport cost to the tutor. The amount payable shall amount to no more than 1 lesson tuition fee. The client shall make the payment in cash on the tutor’s next visit or via internet banking if there is no more next visits.

    Cancellation and postponement of lessons shall not affect the amount and collection date of the commission.

    Replacement or Termination of Tutor

    The client may choose to change or terminate a tutor at any time after the first lesson has been conducted, but will still be required to make the payment of the number of lessons conducted. The client shall notify the agency about their request to replace/terminate a tutor whereby the agency will inform the tutor on the client’s behalf. Payment for the number of lessons conducted shall be made to Edu Aid and Edu Aid will proceed to resolve any payment issues owing to the tutor.

    If the client decides to bypass the agency and make payments to the tutor directly, the client shall be made liable to Edu Aid should the agency fail to be able to collect the payment for the tutor

    Delayed Payments & Unethical Clients

    Multiple reminders will be sent out via email or SMS to remind our clients that payment is due. While Edu Aid is able to understand slight delays in payment due to busy schedule, or temporary cash flow issues, Edu Aid will not be able to tolerate clients who deliberately default on payment indefinitely by ignoring reminders, SMSes or phone calls made to prompt for payments. Clients who demonstrate the above behaviours will be subjected to the following:

      • a) Administrative fees to cover our costs incurred in trying to recover your debt
      • b) Sharing of personal information to all partnering tuition agencies.
      • b) Lawsuit & Tribunal of Small Claims.
      • c) Filing Police Report.
      • d) Engaging private debt collectors.
      • e) Blacklisting including releasing your full particulars online.


    Edu Aid acts as a 3rd party in the process of the matching services. In no event shall Edu Aid, the director and the respective employees be liable for any damages or physical harm inflicted whatsoever (including, but not limited to, theft, damages to property, physical/verbal abuse, outrage of modesty, sexual harassment, etc) to either of the involved parties.

    Edu Aid will try to provide the best match possible, but due to varying factors (Ie. Efforts put in by the tutee, whether the tutee is receptive to the tutor’s teaching, etc), we is not able to guarantee good/improvement of results. We are however, able to the best of our ability, find a replacement tutor in the event you do not find the tutor satisfactory.

    Edu Aid reserves the right to amend our T&C at any time without prior notice to our clients.