Accounting Tuition

Accounting tuitionSecondary school students are presented with various options of humanities when they enter upper secondary. Principles of Accounting (POA) is one of those subjects that’s offered to students as an ‘O’ level subject. There’s a little bit of confusion when it comes to POA, with plenty of mixed opinions about its degree of difficulty. That’s the thing about principles of accounting, taking the subject is like a double-edged sword. Students either find that they understand it fluidly, or they end up feeling completely lost. It’s one of those subjects that need to be approached with caution, and being familiar with the fundamentals of the subject is paramount to whether the student’s going to perform well or not.

Regardless of any student’s accounting standards, Edu Aid is more than able to help. We are a tuition agency that’s backed and proven by countless students who’ve struggled with principles of accounts at the start, but ended up coming out on top at the end. Our qualified POA private tutors have the knowledge and the skill set to bring out the best in your child’s accounting potential. Fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form now and let’s turn your offspring into an accounting prodigy!

Secondary School POA Tuition

Principles of Accounting at secondary school aren’t exactly difficult, but it does take some time to understand, especially from the perspective of a secondary school student. Since students have yet to be exposed to the working environment, it’s difficult for them to identify with the financials of corporations. Given that POA revolves vastly around companies and financial statements, secondary school students tend to struggle in this area. Conversely, POA is certainly one of the best subjects to take in secondary school since it gives the students a head start in terms of experiencing the real world. Being immersed in the accounting environment will give them better insight into the private sector and how the world works. In turn, they’ll be better prepared for what’s about to come after completing their education.

Secondary level accoutingThe drawback here is that secondary school students generally perceive POA as an incredibly boring subject. They’re unable to identify with the principles and concepts that lie behind accounting, making it difficult for them to develop an interest, and making it even more difficult for them to excel at it. To make matters worse, principles of accounting has complexities that not every student will be able to comprehend. A private POA tutor will pave the way for your child to familiarise himself with the fundamentals of accounting and the proper way to draft out balance sheets.

A private tutor specialising in POA is also able to breakdown the underlying implications of accounting concepts, allowing your child to understand why financials are documented in this specific manner and why it’s even done in the first place. Unfortunately, understanding POA makes up merely part of the equation. If you really want your child to get better grades in the subject, he’ll need to get plenty of practice. A private POA tutor ensures that your child gets a sufficient amount of practice when it comes to solving financial problems and creating balance sheets on top of other financial statements. All of this contributes to his overall confidence in the subject, which will eventually translate into better grades. The ‘O’ levels can be merciless, but with help from the right private POA tutor, your child certainly has the potential to breeze right through it.

Junior College POA Tuition

Principles of Accounting at the ‘A’ levels differ slightly in terms of its ‘O’ level counterpart. It’s more meticulous, more complicated, and holistically more tedious. Accounting at those standards demand a lot A level accountingmore from students, especially if its taken as a H2 subject. Even though the fundamentals are transferable from secondary school to Junior College, students discover that whatever they’ve learned before are just small pieces that form a much larger puzzle. Junior College students who take POA as an ‘A’ level subject are required to learn about our local accounting regulations and the measures that need to be undertaken in order to observe these regulations legally and properly.

This is where POA starts to get slightly more complex and a student’s knowledge about accounting begins to get even more jumbled up. There is, however, a way for students to straighten out their thoughts and achieve the understanding that they need to move on in confidence and poise from each topic uncovered. Edu Aid has private POA tutors who’ve specialised in accounting and graduated from reputable local universities. Some of whom have even moved on to be become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Junior College is known to be a stressful environment, given that students are left to fend for themselves against the turmoils of seemingly impossible subjects and tumbling grades. Some might even say that a private tutor isn’t just an optional form of educational assistance; it’s practically a necessity.

Get Qualified POA Tutors At Edu Aid Tuition

Edu Aid has a massive pool of private POA tutors who have been scrupulously identified by our tuition agency as qualified and reliable. The knowledge that they’re able to impart unto your child will be nothing short of valuable, in terms of both academically and practicality. The lessons learned from our private POA tutors will not only serve them in the upcoming ‘A’ levels, but for years to come, especially if your child intends to pursue a career in the realm of accountancy. There’s no need for anyone to waddle their way to shore; not when there’s help readily available at a moment’s notice. All you need to do is fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and you’ll get your child the help that he needs to master the art and science of accounting.

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