IP Tuition

Student smiling in classroomThe Integrated Programme (IP) is a specialised education that helps gifted students advance to their ‘A’ levels without having to take the conventional ‘O’ levels. The time that’s originally intended to be used for ‘O’ level preparations are purposed to enhance students and focus on the more advanced certification. This equates to a faster pace with even more stress. A tuition agency can relieve your burdens by providing you with examination tips and additional help. Secure yourself a reputable tutor now by filling up our request a tutor form!

The Demands Of The Integrated Programme

The IP is a bit of an unorthodox route, but once again, only students who have a natural knack for academics are usually selected to be a part of the Integrated Programme. But even the most gifted students might not be able to endure the pressure alone. Let’s not forget that the programme skips the ‘O’ level syllabus almost entirely, forcing students in the programme to make an even larger leap forward. To make the situation even more dire, if a student drops out of the Integrated Programme, the only certificate he’ll be left with is his PSLE. It’s a massive gamble with huge risks involved, and the pressure might prove too great on a young student.

Before we go on even further, let’s get one thing straight – gifted students could use some support too. With greater power comes greater responsibility, right? The Integrated Programme is an ambitious education that operates at a rapid pace. Even the slightest slip up from a student can lead to him lagging far behind his peers. For the entire duration of the programme, students have to follow the curriculum religiously at whatever cost. The problem is, just like any other standard education, not everyone will be able to keep up.

Help Your Child Cope By Engaging A Home Tutor

A Singapore tuition agency has the proper systems set in place to help students form transformative partnerships with private tutors who specialise in the IP’s subjects. If the student just so happens to miss out on an important point during class, he can still rely on a private tutor to get him back on track. However, that’s hardly the end. The real objective of a tuition agency is to connect students with a tutor who will push the student ahead of the cohort. That’s the real prize as it dampens the likelihood of him falling behind his peers.

Since we’ve already established that IP students can benefit from a tuition agency’s expertise, when exactly would be the right time to start engaging a private tutor? The ideal scenario is to get a home tutor who specialises in the Integrated Programme as soon as the student decides to enrol in it. Having guidance right from the beginning can create astonishing results.

Apart from that, the next best answer would be to engage a tuition agency as soon as possible. Each student encounters different difficulties and struggles with different subjects. In other words, your IP predicament is unique to you, and there’s no standard prescription that applies to all situations. The good news is that you can always consult our tuition agency so that we can tailor our services and source for the most appropriate tutors. That will allow us to administer the right educational remedies for all of our students, including those involved in the Integrated Programme.

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