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Private Tuition for Primary School Students in Singapore

The start of your child’s formal education is definitely a milestone worth celebrating, but don’t get caught up with it for too long, because this is where the stress begins. It’s going to be a long and scary journey for both you and your child, and the only easy day was yesterday. You’re going to need all the help you can get to ensure that your child achieves the best possible results from now, up till their graduation day from university. It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but what you do right now can alter the entire course of their education. That’s right, we’re here to give you that help.

Edu Aid is a Singapore private home tuition agency that specialises in connecting results-driven private tutors with students and children of all ages, including primary schoolers. We are advocates of the importance of a robust academic foundation, and establishing that foundation as early as possible is absolutely vital for a child’s education. Edu Aid wants to help all parents and students prepare for the even harder obstacles that lie ahead.

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What can Edu Aid do for my child?

Not entirely convinced by the benefits? Here are a few facts that might change your mind. Singapore’s education system has always been demanding and pressuring since the dawn of time. This is no walk in the park for our primary schoolers, and it’s definitely not going to get any easier. The truth of the matter is that they’re going to need every bit of help that they can get. If you’ve noticed your child scraping through each semestral examination, or if you believe that your child isn’t maximising his potential, then you’re going to need an answer as soon as possible.

Primary schools these days can be merciless towards students. There’s just way too much information and far too little time. It’s like they’re preparing students to take their ‘O’ levels even before they’ve finished their PSLE, and that’s the hard truth. Primary school is no longer a smooth sailing journey that children can ease their way through, and it’s important for them to get as much help with this process as possible.

Enrolling your child into primary school tuition will provide him with the much needed aid to overcome the academic obstacles that are preventing him from excelling. Whether your child is having troubles with English, Math, Mother Tongue or Science, a tuition agency will always be able to help bring the best out of your child.

Our qualified private primary school tutors have the experience and expertise to handle primary school students of all ages, learning styles, and behaviours. It’s definitely a good idea to engage our tuition agency if your child:

  • isn’t performing as well as his other classmates and lagging behind in his examination results
  • is performing at an average level and you want him to strive harder for academic excellence
  • isn’t receiving the proper help and attention that he needs for his homework or in school

Ultimately, the best method for children to cope in primary school is to stay ahead of the class as much as possible. This allows the student to be mentally prepared for their lessons and be in the know, preventing them from missing out important points as new topics and chapters are introduced. On top of that, your child will receive a personalised education channel for them to ask all the questions that they are too afraid to ask in school, and receive the knowledge that will make all the difference.

Edu Aid’s private tutors work directly with both primary school students and the parents to bring out the best of the child’s academic success. We make it our priority to ensure that each of our primary school students are given the attention that they need to make remarkable breakthroughs in their educational journeys. That’s precisely why we only connect our students with experienced and verified primary school tutors across Singapore.

Through a home tuition agency, your child can be granted a platform to gain a tremendous advantage over their peers. There will be guidance, studying tips, and a learning environment where your child can finally concentrate and absorb knowledge like never before. Primary school tuition is a lot more important than you think, and it needs to be given serious consideration.