Geography Tuition

geography tuitionStudents in Singapore are required to take humanities once they enter secondary school. There’s no exception either once they advance into Junior College. It’s pretty much a requirement that they must take at least one humanities subject. However, most students are under the assumption that geography is significantly easier as compared to other humanity subjects. Sad enough to say, majority of those students end up being met up with disappointment. Geography, to say the least, is anything but easy. It’s a subject that focuses on earth as a land and its inhabitants. To some extent, some might even say that it’s the science of the world.

That’s right, it’s sort of another science subject, and anything science-related tends to be on the harder end of the spectrum. This explains why most students struggle to score well for this subject. Fortunately, there’s always help available if you’re willing to look for it. A Singapore tuition agency as reputable as Edu Aid is able to connect students and parents with professional geography tutors who specialise in ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level standards. A private tutor can make all the difference in a student’s geography grades. All you have to do is fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and find your child a reliable geography tutor now!

Secondary School Geography Tuition

volcano eruption geographyAs we’ve already mentioned, geography is a subject that should never be underestimated in terms of its complexity and overall difficulty. It’s fundamental for students to comprehend the theories and the logic the lie beneath geography. Secondary school students are exposed to geography the moment they enter secondary school, which means that their nightmare begins on the very first day. The general consensus is that geography is relatively uninteresting and dry. It’s no help either that a significant portion of it requires memorisation. Without being familiar with the fundamentals of geography, it would practically be impossible to answer examination questions properly.

Ultimately, as long as a student is able to garner interest in a subject, his interest will almost always translate into better grades. But not all is lost. The thing about geography is that if its approached with the right perspective, it can actually be quite interesting. As long as a student is interested in geography, he’ll be able to read and understand the concepts completely. This familiarity equates to more appropriate applications, allowing the student to score better marks in the examinations. A private geography tuition tutor will be a great help in this aspect. Edu Aid has private tutors have are able to present geography from a different light, making it more intriguing and enjoyable to learn.

A private geography tutor provides students with the added advantage of expanding a student’s knowledge of the subject; a valuable asset that will be a significant aid in essay-human geographybased questions. It also helps that a student will be granted the private tutor’s undivided attention each week, ensuring that he obtains a complete understanding over the subject. It isn’t necessary to go through each chapter thoroughly, especially since our private geography tutors are familiar with the syllabus. They’re able to spot important questions, allowing your child to learn more effectively and allocate his time appropriately to the topics with more importance.

Geography as an ‘O’ level subject doesn’t have to be frightening for students. All you need to do is give your child that extra boost he needs by enlisting him in ‘O’ level geography tuition. At the end of the day, it’ll help him to develop a better learning attitude and approach the subject with more interest, which will lead to him doing better for the major examinations.

Junior College H1/H2 Geography Tuition

Once a student enters the ‘A’ level phase, there’s no going back. Unlike secondary school, geography is considered to be one of the harder humanities subjects in Junior College. Even more complex concepts are introduced at this level, and these concepts become significantly harder than what students experienced back in secondary school. Being familiar with the subject as a whole becomes paramount at Junior College. Students are required to know their textbooks like the back of their hands. On top of that, they might even need to know beyond that. Since geography is tested through structured essay questions, the ability to Students having examinationswrite well and present intelligent arguments becomes even more vital. Students might even get penalised for making grammatical or punctuation errors.

The combination of all these factors makes ‘A’ level geography a real pain to score for, and JC students are going to need all the help that they can get. A tuition agency is able to assist Junior College students in bridging the gap between what they don’t know and what they should know, which is what’s going to make all the difference when it comes to their preliminary examinations and the major ‘A’ level examinations. If a student isn’t prepared for that yet, then it’s time to get a private geography tutor who can act as a guide.

‘A’ level geography doesn’t revolve entirely around memorisation. With enough time and practice, anyone can recite a textbook from memory, but not everyone is able to clinch an A for geography. The application process is lot more complex than that, and without help, Junior College students might end up falling behind their class. In order to maintain an advantage over his peers, it’s important to engage a private tutor who’s able to breakdown geography into understandable points that can be digested and applied appropriately.

Home Tuition For O level and A level Geography

With years of experience in education under our belt, Edu Aid is a Singapore home tuition agency that meets the needs of students and parents across Singapore. We are equipped with knowledgeable tuition coordinators and passionate private home tutors who can make all the difference in a student’s grades, be it ‘O’ levels or ‘A’ levels. All you need to do is fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and we’ll connect you with our pool of reputable, dignified, and high calibre private geography tutors.

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