When does your child need chemistry tuition?

Published on 20 December 2019 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | Tuition

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For any Singaporean parent, watching your child struggle with chemistry can be frustrating. Trying to step in and help them out can lead to many a debate and argument between parent and child. If you would like to avoid that kind of stressful scenario, we recommend that you look at hiring a tutor. Children often clash with their parents when it comes to academic topics. If they are struggling under pressure from a teacher, they don’t want to continue the same debate when they get home. When should you consider hiring JC chemistry tuition?

When you notice your child behaving awkward around chemistry

The first warning sign is that your child shows little inclination to talk about the subject. If you know that they need chemistry to get their long-term career path set in stone, you should encourage them to talk about chemistry. They should be passionate about, given its importance.

However, if they show little willingness or inclination to discuss the topic it might come down to their struggles. You should speak to your child about this and try to gauge if they are struggling with this key topic.

When you notice poor time management

Time managementAs a parent, it is imperative that you stay well aware of potential drop-offs in time management. For a young student, managing their time can be tough. If your child appears to be making more time for other subjects, but not chemistry, find out why. The same goes for if you see a drop-off in other subjects but no real improvement in their understanding of chemistry.

It can be awkward, but you need to try and push your child towards wanting to use their time appropriately. It’s not easy, but it’s an essential part of helping your child to start learning properly.

If you notice they don’t seem to be using their time effectively, you should speak to your child about why this might be. It could be that they are avoiding the subject or putting excess effort into chemistry at the expense of other subjects.

Drop off in grading

One thing to look out for at this phase is if your child is showing a drop-off in his/her grades. This should show up quite easily if you look at their work or ask their teacher for an evaluation. Your child might not be getting enough in-lesson help, or they might be behind the class and struggling to keep pace.

You should look to try and understand why there is a drop-off in their grades. It could be to do with their ability to understand key concepts. It could even be something as simple as not being able to understand what they are doing with one part of the subject. Chemistry is all connected; a failure to understand even one part of the subject can lead to a chain reaction in other parts of their chemistry education. So, keep an eye on their grading performance.

Lacking confidence in their answers

Confidence levelIf you know even something about chemistry, try and quiz your child on a few chemistry questions. If you notice that they seem to lack detail in their answers or seem to answer more in a question than a statement, they may need help with chemistry.

Chemistry tuition is vital for helping them to build up confidence and to show them that they do know the answer. It can be tough to work out, and it’s going to be quite a challenge for you on a personal level to quiz your child like this. Still, it’s often the best way to work out if they are struggling with the content or with their answering of questions. You might find that tuition can give them more belief that they do know the answer, and that they aren’t always going to be wrong. That can be vital for building up self-belief.

Consistent confusion

A common sign for a student who needs help from a tutor is that they appear to be aggravated and confused. If they appear to snap at repeated questions or show a sign of frustration moving beyond the basics, they need help from a third party.

Learning should be tough, but it should not be likely to cause any kind of harm or discord with your child. It shouldn’t put them under excessive and extensive pressure. If they show consistent confusion or anxiety about chemistry, you should look at hiring a tutor. Confusion is the first red flag that as a parent you must act on. Leaving your child overly confused could lead to some problems with keeping them in a positive mood regarding their education.

So, keep all of this in mind and you should be much more likely to see progress in your child. Don’t see turning to GP tuition in Singapore as anything other than helping your child stay on the academic path that they set out for themselves. If their future career means they need to have chemistry, you should look to encourage chemistry tuition. The results will speak for themselves if you let your child work through their academic challenges alongside a tutor.

With specific lessons built to match their own knowledge, they can make up for the deficit in chemistry knowledge they have.

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