How to Choose the Perfect Home Tutor: Key Qualities and Strategies

Published on 6 August 2023 by Manoj SEO | For Parents | For Students

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In today’s competitive world, there might be fields where your child lacks some skills and for this, you might need a private tuition teacher. Whether your child is jumbling with difficult Maths equations or derivations of Science or has lost in a haze of grammatical rules, a tuition teacher will be a great help for enhancing the skills & grades of your child. Though you might find help from any home tuition agency in Singapore, you must know how you can choose the right tuition teacher for your child.

Things to keep in mind for choosing a right tuition teacher

Before starting your search for the perfect private tuition teacher for your child, you must keep in mind the following things:

Understand your goals

This includes asking things yourself or the school teacher of your child like:

  • Why your child needs a tutor- Try to access the reasons behind the requirement of a home tutor.
  • Level of help needed- You must know how much your child needs help in enhancing their skills.
  • Knowing the learning style of your child- Know whether your child learns more by listening, reading, or writing. Also understand his interests, whether lots of nurturing is needed, and whether he can perform better with men or women.
  • Time & money that you can devote to tuition- Here you need to be honest with yourself so that you can do the best for your child.

Explore the options

The options that you can explore to find the best home tuition agency in Singapore for a child can be

  • Online research- You can try to find online the available home tutors in your area.
  • Asking your friends or neighbors- You can find a tutor by asking your friends and neighbors whether they know any good tutor.
  • Consulting your child’s school teacher- Another way of finding a home tutor is to contact the school teacher of your child. Since some teachers also take home tuition they can guide you in this matter.
  • Ask other parents- You can also get references from the parents of your child’s classmates for the home tutor. This way will enhance the chances of getting an already tested and tried teacher.

Know the payment policies

Finding a private tuition teacher is not an easy task as it needs time & money. When it comes to payment, never rule out the option of costly tutors as they can also be good teachers. When searching for a tutor ask things like:

  • Mode of payment- Know the mode of payment whether it’s online or in cash
  • Cancellation charges- If you want to discontinue the tuition, then what charges do you have to pay or do you just need to inform the tutor?

Understand the tutor properly

This can be done by asking several things like:

  • Tutoring methods used by teacher- Understand the methods the teacher is using like audiovisual or just the traditional method.
  • Expectations from parents-Ask the teacher what they expect from the parents like their support & coordination along with trust.
  • Availability hours- Check the availability of both your child and the tutor.
  • Study resources- Check the way of making notes and teaching sessions more productive by the teacher.
  • Time is taken for preparing the lessons- Ask the teacher the time that your child will take in understanding the lesson whether it’s less or more.
  • Way of evaluating the needs of the students- Find how the teacher is going to access the weakness or strengths of your child.
  • Teaching experience of the teacher- Find how much experience the tutor has.
  • Educational background of the tutor- Know the academic qualifications of the tutor.
  • Try to contact previous students- Ask for references so that you can know what you are choosing is right.
  • Way of assessing the progress of the child- Know the ways by which the tutor is going to assess the performance of your child like by providing assignments, weekly tests or monthly tests etc.

The Bottom Line

Indeed a home tutor can help in bringing exponential growth in the academic results of your child. Besides this, a tutor also helps in building an environment that facilitates in boosting the confidence and skills of your child. Finding a tutor for your child is not an easy task to accomplish. Time, effort, and money all are involved along with the future of your child so it becomes a very crucial decision. You just need to focus on these factors and you will surely be able to find the right home tutor for your child. Apart from that you can also request for a tutor at eduaid.

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