Why Should I hire a Tutor from a Tuition Agency in Singapore?

Published on 29 November 2019 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | Tuition

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For any parent, watching your children struggle with coursework can be a nightmare. Sitting back and watching them struggle can be painful. Finding a solution, though, can be difficult. It can be easy to look at things through a simple lens too. You could look at their struggles as the child not putting in enough effort. Alternatively, you could blame the teacher for not getting on with your child. Sometimes, the issue can come down to time. Your child is not getting enough time to learn the fundamental lessons they need to master that subject.

For a young mind, every day is so important to their development. If your child has pretensions of going down a specific career path, then they will need to show that they fully understand the subjects involved in doing that. This might mean picking up qualifications and successes in classes they are currently failing. What can you do?

The main solution is to hire a tutor from a tuition agency in Singapore. You might wonder why that is so useful – let us show you why. If you are still looking to ways to help your child improve their learning outcomes, this should convince you!

Tutors are here to help, not hinder

In a classroom environment, it’s vital to remember that a teacher is often dealing with classes of 20+ students. This means that making the time to perfect and improve the development of every student can be nigh impossible; not in the few hours per week that you get to work on a subject for.

A tutor, by contrast, has just one focus for the whole lesson – your child. They will work with your child on what they need to improve upon most. The tutor will listen, and they will ensure that your child has a total confidence that they can improve their understanding of the subject.

This can build confidence instead of breaking it, and it will ensure that your child has all the opportunities they need to develop into a competitive student in the classroom. Tutors aren’t distracted by everything else; all they care about is the progression of your child. That might just be what was missing.

Tutors work on the weaknesses

The main problem with being in a class is that a teacher might be encouraged to simply promote the strengths of a student. They often don’t have time to look at where a student might be going wrong – at least not in full. While it’s always good to get praise and encouragement, students need to be given more than just positive feedback. Constructive criticism is required, as is a greater investigation of their subject knowledge. They must be given knowledge about where they are going wrong, too. On top of that, students need help in finding what can be done to rectify the said wrongs.

Tutors are specialists in making sure that this is the case. Let’s take the idea that you are looking for a math tutor in Singapore. They will look at what your child can and cannot do. Then, they will build the whole lesson plan around the latter.

Your child already has skills in what they are good at and comfortable with, so they should study that in their own time. A tutor will work on the issues they are struggling with first and foremost.

Learning from an alternative explanation

tutor explaining concepts to studentSometimes, however, the problem is simply that the textbook or the teacher cannot put the idea across in a suitable manner. Tutors are often excellent at finding a topic of interest that a student is passionate about, and then relating it to that. While it’s not always possible, it’s easier to understand challenging new information when it’s related to a topic we already understand.

That’s one reason why hiring a tutor makes so much sense. They can break down the topic into bite-sized chunks and explain it in a methodology that speaks to the student and resonates with them. By breaking down all these key factors in the process, you will ensure that your child is going to feel far more comfortable learning about the topic. On top of that, they’ll enjoy the learning process more than they do in the classroom. All it takes, from time to time, is for someone to reword the explanation, or change the perspective.

Learn at their own pace

Lastly, home tuition via a tuition agency in Singapore will be taken at a pace suited to your child. Rushing lessons or trying to accelerate the process often leads to mistakes; this is the most common reason for these issues in a classroom environment. A student who can learn at a pace comfortable for their understanding will be able to thrive.

That is why you should look to get used to the idea of learning at a pace that suits your child. A classroom cannot do this, but a tutor can. When taught in the comfort of their own home, free from the pressure of the rest of the class, your child can learn at a pace that is more likely to yield results. That leads to faster, more structured learning with a higher chance of lasting results.

So, with that in mind, you should absolutely look to try out a tuition agency for your child. It could be just what they need to start making progress and seeing beyond the limitations holding them back. Whether they need a new perspective, or they need to form a better chemistry with the teacher, a solution will be found. Tuition – on any subject – will help to improve your child’s grasp of the topic in every way. So, what subjects should you look to get tutoring help with for your child?

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