Why is Home Tuition So Popular in Singapore?

Published on 24 September 2021 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | For Tutors | Tuition

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Known for being the land of kiasu parents, there is no shortage of private tuition in Singapore. This can be attributed to our nation’s strong focus on academic excellence and merit, making it a necessity for each student to do well in their studies. With upwards of six subjects to balance, some students may find themselves struggling to cope with the increasing workload required of them. As such, they could often end up falling behind their peers and doing poorly in their examinations.

This is where home tuition comes in. Over the course of the years, the private tuition agency in Singapore has seen massive growth, with tuition classes expanding to include not just primary and secondary school students, but also preschool and JC students. In fact, it is estimated that about 40 percent of preschool students are also attending private tuition, adding up to about two hours per week for each child. The numbers grow when it comes to primary students, with about 80 percent of primary students attending tuition of about three hours per week on the side. The vast number of students attending tuition and scoring better in their grades only ends up pushing the rest of their peers to pursue private tuition as well, in line with the classic competitive Singaporean mindset.

However, that is not the sole reason for the booming tuition industry in Singapore. Let’s look at the other reasons why home tuition is widely considered a must-have for almost any student nowadays.

Students Have the Capability to Score Well

With the way our education system is structured, doing well in one’s exams does not require a miracle, only plenty of hard work and practice. On top of studying the lesson content, the key to scoring better is to understand the questions that will appear in the exams and learn the best techniques to answer them. That’s why assessment books, past-year papers and ten-year series are popular among top students, since these materials all allow students to drill themselves continuously on their weakest topics.

While some students can study on their own, others prefer the guidance of a private tutor who can coach them in their work. With the large emphasis placed on hard work in our school system, it is no wonder that students can score well regardless of aptitude, if they have a good tutor who can bring out the best in them. This increases the demand for tutors in Singapore since they are able to benefit just about any willing student.

There is a Steady Supply of Home Tuition Teachers in Singapore

With the number of students seeking private tuition, you may be wondering just how many tutors there must be to accommodate all of them. Not so surprisingly, there is no shortage of tuition agencies and individual tutors seeking students. Most of the well-known home tuition teachers have packed schedules of plenty of students, but there are always more gems waiting to be discovered. Many private tutors are or were teachers from the education system. As such, they know the syllabus well and have the ability to tutor students in their schoolwork. Some teachers take on private tutoring as a source of side income, especially if they can put their current material to good use. In fact, it is best to look for a private tutor who is currently teaching other students of a similar level, whether in public schools or home tutoring, as you can be assured that their skillsets are up-to-date.

Students Have More on Their Plates

The average student has more commitments to deal with these days than ever before. From anywhere between five to ten content-packed subjects to compulsory extra-curricular activities, many students find that they have little free time outside of school and other activities to really study, let alone take a break. This can ramp up the difficulty for students who are less capable of studying independently, making it more appealing to hire a private tutor who can spend a couple of quality hours each week to reinforce difficult concepts.

Parents Have Busier Lives

Students are not the only ones who may be struggling to find enough time to juggle all their commitments. Some parents take the time to coach their kids and help with their schoolwork, but this is a luxury simply not every parent can have these days. Additionally, since the difficulty of the school syllabus is increasing, it can be tough for parents to keep in touch with their children’s schoolwork well enough to tutor them. As their children progress higher up the education ladder, parents may often find that they are clueless about their child’s studies especially if they did not study the same subjects in higher education. Thus, parents may consider it in their child’s best interests to hire a specialist with sufficient knowledge and capability to teach their child.

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