The Ultimate Guide for A Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Published on 16 October 2020 by Edu Aid | For Parents | Study and Exams Tips & Guide | Tuition

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Many of us remember Chemistry during our school days. The test tubes around the classroom, the colourful chemicals and those large protective glasses we all wore during experiments. While we remember the fun aspects of these lessons, many of us forget just how difficult the classes themselves were. While Chemistry has a significant practicality and importance in the modern world, it is by far an easy subject. From the amount of memorisation to the application of theory, the subject is arguably one of the most difficult topics you can take. As a result, JC chemistry tuition and A level chemistry tuition may be required to help your child achieve the grades they want in the class. Luckily, there are many options available for parents who want that extra support. But first, we must establish the reason as to why your child needs chemistry tuition.

Signs Your Child May Need Chemistry Tuition

Whether your child needs A level chemistry tuition or JC chemistry tuition there are certain signs you should look out for to determine the amount of help they need. Here are the key characteristics to look out for.

Low Grades: If you notice that your child is struggling to achieve the lower grades in the subject, then it is a sign they may need extra help. A tutor would be able to give them that little extra push to help better understand the topics and achieve higher grades in class.

Bad grade form on a table surfaceAvoiding Homework: One sign that a child is struggling in class is that they avoid doing their homework. There is always “something else” that needs to be done. They will always find one excuse or another to avoid doing work they do not enjoy.

Low Confidence: After some time, it is possible for a child’s confidence to become extremely low when it comes to a particular subject. The sooner this is acknowledged and handled, the better. A Chemistry tutor can help increase their confidence again, which will help their grades to improve.

Learning Disabilities: Learning disabilities are more common than once thought and may include anything from ADHD to dyslexia. If your child has a learning disability, they can still achieve top grades with some extra help from a tutor. A few hours each week will make sure they achieve the same grades as their peers.

Where Can I Look for Chemistry Tuition?

Luckily for parents looking for help, there are several options to choose from when it comes to finding A level chemistry tuition and JC chemistry tuition in Singapore.

The most common option is private chemistry tuition. This type of tuition is provided in a one-on-one environment either at home or an agreed location. It is fantastic for students who struggle to learn in the classroom, as the tutor can focus solely on helping your child.

The second option is a chemistry tuition centre. These centres are designed like a classroom environment with only a few students. This allows your child to have significantly more attention which will help them to overcome the struggles they encounter. If your child struggles to learn in a group setting, then private one-to-one tuition may be the better option.

How To Find The Right Chemistry Tuition Centre

With many options available, there are several ways you can find the right chemistry tuition centre for your child. It is important to remember that there is no “best centre” for all children. Each child learns in their own way, which means that you will have to make your choice based on their learning style and what you hope to achieve from tuition. Here are some of the key features you should consider when making your choice.

The Culture

Each tuition centre will have its very own culture. It is advised that you find one with a positive learning environment, in which children are free to learn and interact with those around them. To gain an insight into the culture, you can ask to sit in on a session or you can look at online reviews. If you want further insight, you can even choose to contact the individual who wrote the review to better understand their experience.

Teaching Style

As we said before, every child learns in their own way. While some children may learn by looking at information on a whiteboard, others will learn from physically conducting experiments and first-hand experience. Learn about your child’s learning style and you will be able to match the teaching style of the centre to the learning style of your child.

Physical Environment

You want to make sure that the environment your child is learning in is set up for the learning experience. To do this, you can ask for a tour of the centre before enrolling, which will provide you with a foundational understanding of the environment your child will be studying A level chemistry tuition or JC chemistry tuition in.

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