What is JC Chemistry in Singapore And How Can You Find the Right Tuition Center?

Published on 16 September 2020 by Edu Aid | For Parents | Science

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Many students who go through the Singapore education system will require tuition at one point or another. A-levels are known for being extremely difficult and can be stressful for students who fall behind in class. This is when tuition is key. One subject that is known for its difficulty is Chemistry. Often, JC chemistry tuition is required for students to achieve the highest grades as well as to pass the exam altogether. While everything needed is covered in the classroom, the complexity of each topic means that additional tuition and learning is needed to gain a full grasp of the topics. It is argued that chemistry is one of the hardest topics a student can take and one in which students will experience more difficulty compared to others at every level. This makes tuition at a higher level, such as A level chemistry tuition not only an option, but essential.

Both high school and college students can enjoy many benefits from working with a JC Chemistry or A level tutor, working with a center to achieve the best possible grades. A tutor can help tackle the more complex topics, helping students to fully understand even the most complex questions that may come up in their papers. But how can you find a tutor and to what extent can they really help students?

Some teachers go as far as to say that JC and A Level chemistry tuition are essential to a student succeeding in the subject. Unlike many other subjects, chemistry requires a student to both memorise and apply their knowledge to master the topic. It is simply not enough to remember a chemical formula. Instead, students must understand the reasons behind each equation they see and the implications it may have. As the level of chemistry increases, this skill becomes even more important where the ability to understand and balance equations becomes a fundamental part of the subject.

To provide you with a better understanding of how JC chemistry tuition and A Level chemistry tuition can help your child, we have broken down the Singapore GCE A-Level curriculum for you.

Atomic elements periodic table chemistry design

Junior College

Students are required to look at their L1R5 rather than their L1R4 in order to enter a Junior College in Singapore. It is possible to deduct a maximum of 4 points from the raw L1R4/5 score of a student. Junior College itself is a 2-year programme in which the GCE A-Level exams or Singapore GCE Cambridge A-Level exams can be taken. It is important to note that the Singapore GCE Cambridge A-Level is slightly different from the International Cambridge A-Level and therefore you should always specify the course being taken when applying for tuition.

JC chemistry tuition courses are specially designed for students who ate taking their Singapore H2 chemistry examinations. It helps students to understand the more complex concepts that come with chemistry. Tuition will often make use of several learning techniques such as tuition material based on subjects, videos and discussions in which the understanding of a particular topic can be tested. Often, the teaching method used will be tailored to the needs of the student, this way, they can get the absolute best out of each session. These types of courses are ideal for students in JC 1-2 and from IP year 5-6. They help students to fully understand the importance of asking questions in chemistry, which is key to gaining a full understanding of the topics involved. Using these questions, students can build on their chemistry foundation and previous topics they have studied.

For students who encounter problems with the topics taught throughout the foundation year, tuition may be the best option to catch up with the rest of the classroom. Courses usually focus on both complex and foundational topics such as energy, chemical bonding, kinetics, hydrocarbons and key elements in the periodic table.

 Finding A Great Tutor

Finding the right tutor for your child is the best way to help improve their grades. The right tutor will help them by using the most applicable teaching methods that may not otherwise be used in the classroom. They will help to fully understand the needs of your child, learning the subjects they enjoy, the ones they dislike and the ones that need the greatest work on. So, how can you find a great tutor?

The key to this begins with the depth of your research. Although conducting research may seem like a hassle at the time, it will pay off in the future. Begin by researching tutors that teach the chemistry level you are looking for. At first, your search can be relatively generic to gain an understanding of the different options available. As you begin to start picking options, you should consider features such as the tutor’s qualifications, experience, and personality. It is important to remember that every child works in their own way and therefore there is no ‘perfect general tutor’, only one suited to their needs. Analyze your child’s characteristics, the way they learn and the way they enjoy the learning process. You can then compare their needs to what tutors offer in the market. The more in-depth you complete this process, the more likely you will be able to find the ideal tutor!

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