How to Find the Best A-level Maths Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Published on 27 April 2021 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | Mathematics

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Selecting a home tuition agency in Singapore for A-level Maths tuition can be a headache, with the numerous options available these days. One-on-one classes, small groups, virtual lessons, you name it – whatever your preferences are, you will almost certainly be able to find a tuition agency offering them. It is easy to feel lost in the sea of tutors available today. Well, if you have decided to get an A-level maths tutor, it helps to narrow down the search before diving in.

Class Size

The size of each class can be major consideration for some. Generally, the smaller the class, the more time each student gets with the tutor. This can be a great help to those who are feeling left behind in their school classes, as they will be able to get more one-to-one attention from their tutors. On the other hand, while larger class sizes may be more affordable, it typically limits the time a tutor has with each student since they will have more students vying for their attention. There is no right class size for everyone – it all comes down to what you want out of your tuition class.

Consider why you are looking into getting A-level maths tuition. Do you find the classes at school too large or overwhelming? Is the teacher progressing at a pace too fast or too slow? If so, you may want to go for a smaller class size for A-level maths tuition – you would not want to sign up for tuition to escape classroom confines, only to find that the classroom-style is no different from that of school!

Track Record and Recommendations

Before signing up for any tuition class, you will want to make sure that the tutor can deliver results. One good way to check this is to see the exam results of your prospective tutor’s past students. Most tuition agencies tend to display their top scorers, but are these representatives of their student majority? It is important to do some extra digging and research to look into your desired tutor’s track record before agreeing to go with them.

If you are on the fence between multiple tutors, you could try looking for recommendations from friends who score well in A-level maths, especially those with similar learning styles. A tutor may produce great results, but they may not vibe with you personally – perhaps they have a teaching style you are not used to, or you find it difficult to understand how they speak. Chances are if a tutor works for someone with a similar personality and style, they will work for you too.


Tuition prices vary greatly per tutor and agency. Even so, home tuition is well-known for being expensive – you can expect to pay up to hundreds per session, especially if your tutor has good qualifications. Group tuition will of course be cheaper than individual tuition since you are splitting the cost amongst multiple students, but it results in less one-on-one time with the tutor. It comes down to whether you think the tutor is worth the fee they command.

Tutor Qualifications

You will also want to make sure the tutor is qualified enough to teach you. Some tutors make this information readily available, while you may have to ask others to show you their qualifications. A good tutor should not only be academically qualified in the subject they are teaching, but also in experience teaching students of similar level. If you feel that you only need classes to touch up on some concepts, it may be possible to go for a lower cost but less experienced tutor.

Any Strings Attached?

While some tutors are happy with being paid their fees on a regular schedule, others may have different practices. Some tuition services, particularly those from tuition agencies, may require an upfront deposit to be paid before you can enrol into a class. Usually, this deposit can be forfeited if you decide to change tuition centres without providing prior notice or in the middle of the course, thus aiming to lock people in to sticking with that tuition agency. Be sure to ask beforehand if you are expected to pay any deposit fees, and if so, how much the amount is and the conditions you should meet to get it back. If you do not feel comfortable with this option, there is nothing wrong with choosing a different tuition agency.

Some tutors also offer free trial lessons before you decide to commit to their classes. If you are not fully sure about a tutor, ask if they are willing to give you a trial so that you can gauge whether you are a good fit for each other. If they do provide trial lessons, that is great! Ask the agency if they have any conditions for the trial and how many sessions it lasts for.

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