A Math Tutor for Your Child to Help Them Study for Their Exams

Published on 14 April 2021 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | Mathematics

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While in the past, tuition may be seen as additional help for students who are struggling, there has been an increased demand in them over the years. Recently, having tuition has been viewed as a necessity for students to be able to do well in school.

Having tuition has its benefits, one of which is to help students have a better understanding of a subject and prepare them for their exams.

If you are considering giving your child A Maths tuition to prepare them for their exams, here are some things you should look out for and some benefits of tuition.

Benefits of Tuition

Private tuition is known to be the most popular tuition option which is considered by parents. This is because 1-to-1 tuitions allows for personalised and focused attention during the sessions. This means that tutors can have 100% attention on their students and help them understand concepts on a deeper level.

Tuition can help to supplement schoolwork, giving students additional resources to help get better grades. This also means that they have more work and questions to help them practice — this forces memory retention and helps to enforce concepts into them.

The advantage of a private home tutor is its convenience. Your child would not need to spend time travelling for lessons. When having tuition at home, your child will also get to learn in the comforts of their own home — further giving them flexibility to decide their preferred tuition timings.

Another advantage of a tutor is that your child would be able to get personalised attention. This means that your child will be able to ask more questions and be able to learn concepts more in depth as tutors are able to have focus entirely on one child at a time. Home tuitions can help students to correct answers at every step, unlike in class where teachers may be unable to brush up all the faulty areas of each of their students.

With a private home tutor, your child will be able to learn at their own pace. Tutors can adapt to both fast and slow learners, and the way they learn. If your child learns fast, they can have the opportunity to learn concepts before they are taught in school. This can aid students in revising their topics and get to know the basics of new ones in advance. While if your child is a slow learner, tutors can take more time to explain concepts to them to help them understand better.

Tips to Consider When Choosing an A Maths Tutor

There are multiple factors you should consider when hiring an A Maths tutor — depending on what result you are looking for.

The Tutor

One of the main things that parents and students should look out for is the tutor themselves. As A Maths is demanding, you should consider tutors with enough teaching experience and are well versed in A Maths.

Also depending on how your child students, the tutor should be able to adapt their teaching style to suit their students’ needs. This will then help them excel in this subject.

The tutors should be able to adapt their teaching style to suit their students’ needs. Reliable tutors should also be transparent in their students’ learning progress.

Up to Date on Syllabus

When considering a tutor, you should look out for their framework of the syllabus to ensure that they are up to date on the latest MOE syllabus. A Math tutors should be designing their lesson plan according to the latest syllabus and be constantly updated on it.

Tuition Rates

As rates are different with different tutors, do look out for their individual rates. Remember that higher rates do not necessarily mean better results. Look at individual reviews on the particular tutor to get a better idea of how they teach.

Overall Thoughts

If you are considering A Math tuition for your child, there are multiple factors which you should look out for before hiring a tutor. It is also important that your child can work together with the tutor to get the best results.

Private tutors can give your child flexibility in how they learn and improve. Tutors should be able to adapt their teaching styles to suit the needs of their individual students. With private tutors, students can get a personal 1-to-1 attention to help them succeed in their exams.

Home tuition agencies such as Edu Aid can help you find a suitable tutor for your child that is reliable, efficient and customer oriented.

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