What Separates a Good Economics Student from the Rest?

Published on 6 January 2021 by Edu Aid | For Parents


Finding it difficult to clinch that ‘A’ in economics? Do not worry, you are not the only one. Economics is not a difficult subject to score in if one maintains good study habits. Unfortunately, many JC students struggle with economics because they have yet to master smart study techniques.

Why Study Economics?

Who should put economics on their subject list? It is a common assumption that only students with an interest in the business world should take the subject. After all, economics does not apply much to the lifestyle of the average office worker…or does it?

Well, the answer is that economics can benefit every JC student! Economics is considered a social science subject. Apart from teaching students about the state of the economic world, the subject also deals with marketplace analysis, evaluation, communication, calculation and more. In short, economics can really sharpen the skills needed for almost every other JC subject while pulling up a student’s grade point average, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

The good news is that one’s prowess in economics can be easily trained. It is possible to do well in economics even if one did not study the subject in their secondary school years. Of course, if economics has been giving you a hard time, this means that you will probably need to spend more time revising the subject. What are some of the good study habits cultivated by top economics scorers?

Taking Notes in Class

Notes taking in schoolOne of the simplest ways to improve your economics is to pay attention in class and take down notes. For one, teachers often impart valuable insights in class, not just pertaining to the subject material but also answering skills and tactics. Certain question types may demand answer structures, or there could be useful mnemonics and tricks to memorising content-heavy sections. It is just as important to learn good answering techniques as it is to know the content well, so it pays to attend lessons regularly and listen up in class.

Revising Before Each Lesson

Unlike primary and secondary education, the JC curriculum expects students to be more independent and self-disciplined. This usually means that students should revise upcoming content before each lesson. In this way, students can give themselves more time to digest the lesson material, instead of having to take in everything for the first time in a short few-hour span. By preparing before every lesson, students will then be able to make full use of the lesson time to clarify any doubts with their teacher.

Planning a Study Timetable

Study timetableEconomics is just one of the many subjects JC students must fit on their plate. One of the biggest concerns we often hear from JC students is that many of them are unable to juggle their studies, extra-curricular activities and home life while remaining at the top of their cohort. After more research, we found that a major factor causing the seemingly endless amount of work is inefficient time management. Some students may find it difficult to plan their timetable properly, resulting in a disproportionate amount of time being spent on other activities while their studies are neglected.

For an ideal work-life balance, we recommend that JC students first sit down and organise a daily or weekly timetable for themselves. They should take into consideration the total number of subjects they are taking, as well as their proficiency in each subject. For instance, it may be worth it allocating more study time to subjects they are weaker in, while spending less time on their strong suits. Be sure to leave some pockets of time for rewinding and taking study breaks.

Attending Economics Tuition

Even after doing everything on their part to fare better in JC economics, some students may still have difficulties improving their grade. In such a case, it may be best to turn to economics tuition for a more guided approach. Attending economics tuition has the added benefit of an expert in the subject matter to answer all your questions. Tutors are typically also well-versed in the current syllabus and assessment formats, especially if they have recently been teaching other JC economics students. Economics tuition is a great option for those who are looking to go the extra mile and secure a firm ‘A’ in the subject.

Have you tried everything to ace your economics, but to no avail? Well, it may be time to step up the game and get an economics tutor in Singapore. For the best results, try an economics tutor from our experienced team. We offer only the best economics tuition that has helped numerous students to achieve the grades they want. Allow us to do the same for you!

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