Should I Hire a Tutor for Physics Tuition in Singapore? Or self- learn?

Published on 29 November 2019 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | Science | Tuition

Physics science subject

They say that we’ll never truly understand the universe we live in – yet science goes a long way to filing in the blanks. One of the most important sciences, the one that can help us to understand how the world around us operates, is physics. For any young Singaporean student looking to move into a scientific background, there’s a considerable chance that they would have to learn physics. As such an important part of the modern curriculum for so many subjects, though, it can be a make-or-break study.

What if you fall behind? Jeopardising your future through early struggled with physics can be worrisome. However, there are many reasons why physics could be a topic you struggle with.

Particularly in Primary and Secondary education, the size of classes can vastly limit how much personal time a teacher can spend with a student. It could mean that students find it hard to learn at the same pace as the rest of the class. In a worst-case scenario, this could mean that you end up entirely left behind from the rest of the class.

At that point, your main option would be to invest in physics tuition in Singapore. Some see tuition as ‘cheating’. Let us investigate that claim – and then find out if tuition is the right choice for you.

School education is not always enough

Without doubt, one of the most common fallacies is that you can learn everything you need to know within school hours. Even if you were to be taught physics five days per week, it’s still going to amount to around 5-6 hours of physics learning per week. Is that enough when it plays such a big role in your future? It’s unlikely.

You should not see tuition as cheating; it’s merely reinforcing the knowledge that you need from a subject that you do not get nearly enough class time to master.

You might not bond with your teacher

Teacher and pupil need to share a mutual respect and a chemistry for the learning process to be a success. If you find that you cannot forge a strong partnership with your teacher, then you might find it nigh-on impossible to learn physics.

That is why physics tuition in Singapore is so massively popular. If you cannot do all the learning on your own, then you should be able to get help from a tutor. You cannot always rely on the teacher alone; you must also take responsibility for your own education. A tutor can help you to focus and hone in on where you need to grow.

Self-education enforces flaws

You should never look to try and educate yourself based only on what you know. If you cannot grasp key subjects, don’t just try and move on to the next topic. This is a very poor idea, and it will often mean that you end up missing out. By reinforcing an incorrect understanding of the topic in your mind, you’ll struggle to develop. A tutor helps you to see where the flaws in your thinking are.

By only listening to yourself, you make it much harder to progress and improve – you could wind up reinforcing the wrong interpretation of key physics lessons.

Take back your confidence

Yes I canWhen you are looking to hire a tutor, it’s probably because you are lacking in belief and confidence. You should never see having to bring in more help from a tutor as anything other than a mature move and a sensible decision on your part, however.

Why? Because taking back your confidence is essential to helping you improve, grow, and understand the subject. That is why, if you want to grow as a student, you should look for help rather than simply let your confidence get you down.

If you cannot learn due to time constraints in class or chemistry issues with your teacher, it will get you down. Hiring a tutor should solve that. Soon, your confidence can return, and you’ll feel more prepared to continue learning about physics.

Get home tuition in Singapore

So, the most important thing to note is that home tuition in Singapore for physics is 100% possible. It comes down to making sure that you can hire the right person for the job, and hiring a tuition group that can:

  1. Deal with the tuition at a time that is most suited to you, not the tutor.
  2. Work on the parts of physics you struggle most with, not least.
  3. Improve on your ability to grasp the fundamentals of physics as a whole.
  4. Limit your mistakes and help you work out where you might be going wrong.

Therefore we want to touch on the above idea that using home tuition is ‘cheating’ – it is nothing of the sort!

As a student, you are only as good as the teacher that you work with allows you to be. If they are going too fast, or they have not explained something to you in an understandable manner, then you could have some problems in making that work. That is why we recommend that you spend some time getting home tuition put in place as soon as is possible – you can then make-up for lost time.

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