When Do You Need Economics Tuition?

Published on 27 April 2021 by Edu Aid | Economics | For Parents | For Students

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It can be discouraging to get your test paper back with a poor grade on it. Unfortunately, you cannot change test results that are already over, but you can work towards improving your future grades. If you are in such a situation, you may have considered getting home tuition in Singapore to brush up on economics. Before embarking on your search, however, it is important to find out whether going for economics tuition is the right choice for you. Well, what are some signs that you should get an economics tutor in Singapore? Let us find out.

You Find Economics Concepts Difficult to Understand

Arguably one of the most important steps to doing well is understanding the lesson material. Without having a solid grasp of the syllabus, it is basically impossible to score well in the exams. As such, the first thing you should ask yourself is whether you are having difficulties understanding each economics concept that you have learned thus far. It is perfectly fine to admit that you are experiencing problems coping with the topics, as economics is not an easy subject for everyone. Some people may take a little longer to internalise some of the concepts, which can be a hindrance to their scoring well in the exams. It is good to recognise your need for help earlier, so that you can have more time in JC to work on your economics concepts. Additionally, the sooner you get help for economics, the stronger your foundation in the subject will be and the easier you will be able to pick up new economics concepts down the road.

You are Not Scoring in Exams

Scoring poorly in your economics papers is a hint that you may not be getting the help you need for this subject. Even if you understand the topics thoroughly, you may still be facing roadblocks in JC economics. This is because grasping economics is not just about understanding the concepts, but also about knowing how to apply them to answer the test questions effectively.

Before sitting for an economics paper, it is also important to clear up any doubts you have regarding the lesson content or exam tips. In school classroom settings, the teacher usually paces the lessons according to the class majority. As such, if you are falling a little behind in the subject, you may find the gap gradually getting wider as the class moves on further ahead for each subsequent lesson. This can lead to a huge knowledge deficit if you have not been following the syllabus. In such a situation, it may be time to seek help from home tuition in Singapore to bridge the gap between you and your classmates.

You Do Not Have Enough Time to Revise Economics

Another reason why you may want to get economics tuition is if you find that you have too little time to revise the subject. Economics is a content-heavy subject that requires constant practice and revision. While you may have no problems understanding your economics syllabus and scoring in tests thus far, the content quickly builds up towards the A-levels examination, making it crucial to dedicate sufficient time to economics revision if you want to stay on top of the material.

If finding the time to juggle multiple subjects is a challenge for you, looking for a good economics tutor can be a great option. In addition to encouraging yourself to set aside a few hours each week to study the subject with your tutor, you will also be able to revise more efficiently with the help of a tutor to guide and teach you.

Your School’s Teaching Style Does Not Work for You

Sometimes, you may be scoring decently in economics and understanding each lesson well, but still feel that it is taking a toll on you to sit through each lesson. One sign that your economics teacher’s style does not work for you is if you start to feel bored and uninterested in the subject. Economics does not have to be a dry class – in fact, it can be one of the most interesting and applicable subjects taught in JC! The key to enjoying economics classes is to find a tutor that suits your learning style. There is no hard and fast rule to this, as different styles fit different people. For instance, some students may find that they learn better in a one-to-one setting, but have difficulties learning in school because of the large class sizes. Other students may prefer a more hands-on learning approach but suffer with the typical lecture-style classes conducted at school.

If you are looking for a change from your school’s classes, we suggest approaching various economics tutors in Singapore and chatting with them to see if they can provide the classroom setting you are looking for. It is also a good idea to schedule an initial meet-up or phone call with your prospective tutor, to make sure that you are both able to connect with each other.

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