The Benefits of Using a Physics Tutor in Singapore

Published on 17 June 2020 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | Science | Tuition

physics of how light pass through glass

Physics is arguably one of the most interesting of all sciences. It teaches you why things move the way they do and the many forces acting on us at a single time. However, many children and adults will struggle when it comes to learning the subject. Due to the depth and somewhat complicated formulas involved, children will begin to believe they are not good at the subject, rather than understanding that this may not be due to the subject itself. Instead, it is the way in which it is taught. It can be taught in ways that do not work for that individual and can cause them to become stressed and demotivated. They may find the subject too demanding and will simply shut down when it comes to learning.

If you or your child struggle to understand theories and explanations in your physics class, then going to a private tutor may help. There are many private tuition companies in Singapore who can provide you with expert tuition that can help you to understand the topic of physics. Rather than sitting at home looking blankly at a textbook, you can begin to engage with the subject and even enjoy the many fascinating theories that come with it. Here are some of the main benefits of using a physics tutor in Singapore.

Personal Attention

One of the greatest disadvantages to classroom learning is that the teacher cannot help everyone. Although they are available to answer questions, some students may feel intimidated to ask them, in fear of being laughed at by others. As a result, they fail to learn which can leave them feeling demotivated and hating a class altogether. Students in the classroom are unable to get the attention they need to learn and therefore may struggle in science.

With a physics tutor in Singapore, a student will gain all the personal attention they require to thrive both within and outside the classroom. The tutor can answer all questions they may have, as well as teach in a way that applies to the student, rather than the generic method used throughout classrooms around the globe. The tutor can make follow-up questions to solidify understanding throughout the session, whilst also moving at a pace that fits the student, rather than the classroom.

Improved Flexibility

students raising hands in classroom Unfortunately, classroom learning is simply not flexible. It is designed to meet the needs of everyone as moves at the pace in which a syllabus must be taught. This can leave students feeling behind and overwhelmed with all the work that must be completed. As a result, students may get left behind altogether while the focus on the class moves.

However, when using a private tutor, the opposite is true. The student can effectively dictate what is learned throughout the classroom as well as the areas of focus for each session. This allows them to go back on topics they may have struggled with, doubling down to understand the topic in question. As a result, they can tackle more complex tasks and theories when it comes to the actual exam, as they have learnt these topics in a flexible environment.

More Assessments

While many students struggle with the learning process, others may struggle to put the information down on paper. Assessments may put students into such a stressful state, that they simply forget all the information they learnt in the past and feel overwhelmed. Taking an assessment, a physics assessment is a skill that must be developed. A physics tutor can help to teach assessment technique, especially when it comes to longer questions worth more points. With many assessments available, a student can learn these skills whilst at the same time, learn how to manage their time in an exam. This will help to reduce the impact it has on their emotions, allowing them to thrive when it is needed most.

Practice, Practice, Practice

We have all heard the phrase before, practice make perfect. This is the case when it comes to physics. The subject at its core is interesting but can be extremely overwhelming to individuals who have no knowledge of experience. Practice can provide them with the confidence they need to effectively understand even the most complex terminology and apply this knowledge in an exam environment. Studies around the globe have shown that with effective tutoring, students are able to move up not one, but multiple grades from their sessions. Each tuition session will allow them to learn a little more that can be applied in the upcoming class for the greatest effect. Practice before the class, during the class and after the class to master the subject.

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