What are the Benefits of Online Primary School Chinese Tuition?

Published on 26 August 2021 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | Language

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A conducive learning environment? A flexibly paced curriculum? Instant communication with experienced tutors? Yes please!

Amid the pandemic and the revolution in technology, more tuition classes than ever before are moving online, allowing students to cut down on tuition fees and travel time. As such, with the possibility of attending tuition opened to more students, more parents are looking at signing their children up for online private tuition in Singapore.

Some parents are understandably still on the fence. Well, just what are the benefits of opting for online primary school Chinese tuition instead of going for a face-to-face class?

Save on Time

One of the biggest advantages of attending an online tuition class is cutting down on the time required to get ready for a physical class and travel to and fro. Altogether, this can take up a good hour or two – or even more if you live far away from your tuition location. Many students end up attending tuition centers close to their schools and staying back at school after hours to wait for tuition classes to begin. On the other hand, with an online class, no traveling time is required. Online tuition classes can be conducted virtually anywhere – allowing students to attend their lessons in bed, on the bus, or while waiting in line. Instead of finding time in that busy schedule to squeeze in lesson time and travelling time, you can simply have your child stay at home and view their lessons.

Enjoy a Comfortable Environment

Away from the harsh drab of a classroom, your child can get comfortable at home while attending their lessons. Sitting at their own desk at home can do wonders for students who may be struggling with social anxiety or shyness. Coupled with the experience of learning a second language, students who are more averse to learning Chinese can be coaxed into getting more comfortable with the language so that it comes to them naturally. Having tuition at home also enables you to be more involved in your child’s learning journey – you will be able to supervise your child and sit with them through the lesson.

Learn at Your Own Pace

In a physical class, teachers often must deal with the varying paces of students. Some students are quicker to pick up new vocabulary and concepts, while others may not have a similar aptitude. Yet more students may be motivated to learn, while others may find the class boring. Online classes that are held in groups may still have to deal with these problems, but at least students are typically able to re-watch lessons they are unsure about. Additionally, students may find their teachers more reachable through messages for any doubts or inquiries, rather than trying to get a hold of them before or after class.

Great for Quieter Students

Most students who excel in physical classes tend to be the loud and outspoken types, while quieter students may not take to the learning environment so well. However, the online world empowers different types of students. Many students find themselves more comfortable interacting with their tutors and peers through a virtual classroom instead of in-person, enabling them to participate in discussions more. In fact, students may even gain more confidence in their Chinese skills if they are more comfortable attending and participating in an online classroom than in the more daunting environment of a physical classroom.

Access a Wider Variety of Teachers

Not all experienced teachers are able or willing to relocate to Singapore just to teach Chinese to students. Fortunately, technology brings the world closer than ever before, allowing people from all over the world to meet online. This enables native Chinese speakers to tutor students in Singapore from the comfort of their homes, expanding the variety of teachers available to us. In turn, these foreign teachers are also able to expose our students to their own cultures. A problem that many students struggle with when it comes to learning Chinese is a lack of interest in the subject. Students who find the language difficult may wonder why they have to learn it, or they may simply feel bored of it. Teachers living right in the heart of Chinese culture can afford their students a glimpse into the modern world of the country, language and culture, which can help inspire students to put their hearts into learning Chinese.

Online or Physical? Your Choice

All in all, the jury is still out on whether online or physical classes trump Chinese tuition. We believe it all comes down to each student’s learning style and individual preference. Some students thrive in a physical classroom, while others may feel more comfortable taking their lessons at their own time at home. The key is to try different types of lesson styles and find which one your child prefers.

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