How to Find a Great A-Maths Tutor in Singapore

Published on 8 June 2022 by Edu Aid | For Parents | Mathematics | Tuition

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Additional Mathematics (A-Maths) can be a difficult subject for many students in Singapore. It is an introduction to more complicated concepts within the mathematics realm, including pre-calculus, calculus, and similar elements, requiring a different approach and perspective to understanding the concepts. It is no wonder that many students struggle from the moment the subject is introduced in the curriculum in secondary school and may continue to do so without help.

To that end, many parents look into A maths tuition in Singapore for their children. Whether it is individual tuition, group A level maths tuition, or even online lessons and aids, tuition is one of the few ways a student in Singapore can get help for maths if they are having difficulties. While the concept of tuition is prominent, many parents may find that their children’s tutors are not so easy to find a match for. So how can you find a great A maths tutor in Singapore?

What does a great A maths tutor in Singapore look like?

Most parents inadvertently recognise that there are generally two items a tutor must accomplish: first is to ensure that their student understands the concepts being taught, and the second is to make sure that their student is able to do well during tests. To that end, this means that good A maths tuition in Singapore needs not only to be able to teach well, but also needs an in-depth understanding and ability to teach test-taking skills whether at the O-Level or A-Level standards.

As cliché as it may sound, what a great tutor looks like will then vary based on your child’s individual needs. You will know this better than anyone else – your child’s studying habits, learning ability, and how they best absorb information will drastically affect what kind of tutor works best with them. A tutor who has a fantastic reputation for working with students who are known to study on their own may not be familiar with a student who does not, for instance. Some tutors also specialise in working with students who have specific needs. It is important to have a good grasp of your child’s needs so that you are able to make good decisions on which tutors to hire. You may even find that some students work better with less experienced and younger tutors, purely because they are closer in age and can approach problems and concepts from similar mindsets.

Tutors may change with time

A level maths tuition is very different from O-Level maths tuition for both A-Maths and E-Maths. Additionally, as your child develops their skills, they may find that they outgrow certain tutors, tutoring centres, or teaching styles. It is important to observe your children and how they respond to their tutors as well as how they are learning. If they are no longer responding well to their tutors and it is not a short-term or temporary issue, you may want to consider a different tutor. It is important to nip any issues in the bud quickly – as the Singaporean A maths curriculum moves very quickly, any delays may cause difficulties in keeping up.

Of course, you will need to balance it with some amount of familiarity. Too many changes is not good for students either, as the tutors will then need to spend time getting to know the children and their learning methods. This familiarity means that once the initial period of adjustment is completed, further subjects can be introduced or reviewed with these learning methods. On the other hand, if too many tutors are introduced, future concepts may be covered with unfamiliar learning styles. This may be confusing for the student and may be detrimental.

Tutors and tuition centres

One-on-one lessons are not always the best for your child when it comes to tuition. There are plenty of students who learn best in group-based settings, and fare much better in tuition centres. Some students, in fact, flourish when they provide tuition to their peers instead of getting tuition for themselves – they reinforce concepts while teaching them, and thus retain that information better. Over the course of your child’s education across multiple subjects, it is always important to allow them to explore various methods of learning, teaching, and absorption. A combination of methods will arise from these explorations – perhaps your child will come across a specific teaching style they like, a specific location they absorb information best in (libraries, cafes, at home), and specific music genres they listen to to absorb information better. Some children may not even need tutors and prefer to simply revise on their own.

Talk to your child about their preferences – after years of studying, they generally know best about their own preferred methods and likely have insight in what is needed. This will tell you better than anything else what kinds of tutors are the best for your child in A maths tuition in Singapore.

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