How to become an economics tutor in Singapore?

Published on 7 July 2022 by Edu Aid | Economics | For Tutors

economics tutor in singapore

Economics tuition is in high demand these days. With an increasing number of JC students taking the subject and an overall increase in the number of students seeking economics tuition, tutoring economics in Singapore can be a very stable and rewarding job. You may be wondering how you can become an economics tutor in Singapore. Well, look no further because this article answers it all.

Am I qualified to become an economics tutor in Singapore?

While the bar is reasonable, not everyone can become an economics tutor. To tutor any subject in Singapore, you will have to have graduated from JC or polytechnic. However, since most of your economics students will likely be from JC, it is naturally a huge advantage if you graduated from JC with a high score in economics. Some tuition agencies in Singapore may also have their own requirements for tutors, so be sure to find out. Of course, an even bigger plus point is if you hold a bachelor’s degree in economics, or even a master’s or PhD.

Aside from formal qualifications, you also have to decide if becoming an economics tutor in Singapore is the right job for you. For one, you will most likely be tutoring JC students, who are in their upper teens. There are clear differences between tutoring students of different age groups, from the kindergarten ages to older teens, and some tutors may find that they prefer teaching children of certain age groups. Some tutors find it easier to work with very young children, while others prefer teaching more mature, older students. It is perfectly fine if you do not know your preference yet – you may be surprised that tutoring can be a vastly different experience from what you expected.

Additionally, you will probably come across students of different calibre in your course of tutoring economics, from the extremely motivated and disciplined model student to the weaker student with little confidence in their economics skills, or even the delinquent who did not ask for tuition. You may find that you have to continually challenge a top student, or be encouraging and nurturing to cultivate a student’s love for economics.

There are plenty of soft skills involved in being a good tutor. A tutor should be able to connect with the student, having the patience to explain concepts step-by-step and guiding the student along the right path. Tutoring is definitely not a bed of roses and it may not be for everyone. The best way to find out whether tutoring is a fit for you is to give it a try and see if tutoring JC students is your cup of tea.

What is the process of becoming an economics tutor in Singapore?

As long as you have the necessary formal qualifications and the desire to become an economics tutor, there is nothing else standing in the way between you and that tutoring job. The next step would be to secure your first client. There are many ways you can get started.

Many tutors get their opportunities through word-of-mouth. Connections are very useful to have in the tutoring world, where a single satisfied client could help you spread the world to the rest of their friends. Sometimes, letting your friends know that you are available as an economics tutor can be the key to getting you prospective clients. You never know when the topic might come up in conversation and your friend will say, “I heard so-and-so is giving economics tuition.”

If you have nowhere to start with, you could approach a tuition agency in Singapore. Some tuition agencies in Singapore simply point interested clients in your direction and let you take it from there. Other tuition agencies may run the sessions themselves and assign you to be the tutor for certain slots. However, be prepared to provide formal proof of your qualifications. You will usually also be required to undergo a job interview to be accepted as a tutor.

Another way to increase your visibility is to promote your services through advertising or social media. You have probably seen numerous tuition advertisements pasted on hawker centre tables, billboards, or given out as flyers. However, advertising can be expensive, and it is often a hit-or-miss situation – people are often looking out for good track records first and foremost, and they may be more likely to trust a friend’s word of mouth than a brand new advertisement for a tutor they have not heard of. Advertisements can be best used when you have already built up a small following with some success stories.

Realise Your Dream of Tutoring Economics

Do you have what it takes to become an economics tutor in Singapore? If you enjoy mentoring students and nurturing them to become the best versions of themselves, the growing tuition industry can be a fulfilling experience. There is no better time than the present to embark on your tutoring career!

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