Physics Tuition in Singapore to Boost your Child’s Performance

Published on 26 April 2022 by Edu Aid | Economics | For Students | Tuition

Examination of current flow in the electric light bulb

Love it or hate it, but physics tuition is one of the most popular types of tuition in Singapore. While physics as a subject is introduced early on during the secondary school years, it gets more complicated the further you advance. Whether your child is in secondary school, an IB programme, Junior College, or even polytechnic, you may want to consider physics tuition in Singapore for the sake of boosting your child’s performance to ensure that they grasp the concepts and are able to apply it.

This is especially relevant for those students demonstrating a desire to study disciplines that rely heavily on physics in university, such as theoretical or applied physics and engineering majors. A good grasp of physics and how they play out in real life will give students a solid foundation if they choose to pursue these fields.

Making sense of counterintuitive concepts

There are a surprising number of physics concepts that are not common sense, and can in fact be counterintuitive – for instance, if a larger object rams into a smaller object, which object experiences the greater force?

You would think it would be the smaller object facing the greater force from the bigger item, but no – Newton’s Third Law states that both forces are equal in size! This is one of the earliest examples of physics whiplash that don’t seem to make any sense, and oftentimes schoolteachers do not necessarily cover the reasons why. Often, students are simply expected to memorise formulas and concepts and then apply them to the questions they are supposed to answer. Questions that tackle multiple concepts in one go in relation to each other are infrequent and can often throw students for a loop, and this is when a tuition agency in Singapore could help your child. By patiently sitting with them and explaining the underlying reasons as to why many of these work the way they do, counterintuitive concepts can be strengthened through physics tuition in Singapore.

Reaffirming concepts and different perspectives

Physics is a common subject across schools, but oftentimes there are schools with larger student-to-teacher ratios as well as rigid methods of teaching that may not work with individuals due to varying learning strategies. Additionally, teachers need to move on frequently to ensure that all the syllabus is being covered on time, and thus may not spend enough time on concepts that certain students struggle with. To counter this lack of individualised attention, which may often result in poor grades or performance in practical, it may become relevant to either send your child to a tuition agency in Singapore or engage a home tuition teacher.

Small group tuitions with different approaches to learning, or even individualised tuition lessons, may help your child address these areas that they may be struggling with. Tuition teachers can spend as long as they need and adopt as many different approaches and strategies as they need as well, in order to tackle the tasks for your child to ensure that they understand the concepts well. They can also relate the principles to real-life problems and demonstrate either in person or through things like YouTube videos to ensure that they get the idea properly. Individualised attention is invaluable for students to do well if they are not already doing great in class.

Physics exam strategies

As we’ve noted in other articles, the strategies required for learning and absorbing content is vastly different from the strategies needed to take exams. As your kids move to more complicated concepts, questions that tackle multiple principles in one go may become more common and throw students for a loop as they are often more used to isolated settings in their questions.

Being able to read through questions, understand what they are asking about, think and solve problems on the spot without hesitation is a very important skill for those who are concerned about their grades. Tuition teachers often have access to additional resources and problem sets – either from other schools or their own drafted versions – that are able to tackle these strategies in depth and ensure that the students cover all sorts of questions

In summary

Physics tuition may help those who require additional or individualised attention. While regular tuition is best for the tutors and students to get to know each other better, there are often instances in which short-term tutors are engaged just to go over certain concepts either before exams or to beef up situations in which students are not grasping them when they are being covered in class.

Either way, tuition can help students make sense of counterintuitive concepts and principles, look at physics concepts and principles from different perspectives so that they have different ways of making sense of things, and provide additional resources to help with exam strategies. For those who choose to work with tuition agencies in Singapore, the benefits are often plentiful and worth it!

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