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Published on 6 January 2021 by Edu Aid | For Parents

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JC chemistry is often touted as a content-heavy subject, where the average student typically struggles to master the entire syllabus. Despite its apparent difficulty, there are ways to excel in the subject as long as one studies smart. Our top students have been acing every practice paper and preliminary they face. What are some of their suggestions for scoring better grades in JC chemistry?

Pace Your Revision

Probably everyone has done it before – pulled an all-nighter just to cram before a big paper – but one should know better. Instead of burning the midnight oil on the night just before your chemistry test, try to plan your revision carefully and spread it out so that it does not become too packed or stressful. Before starting the revision, list out all the topics you are planning to cover and the amount of time you want to spend on them. For instance, you can allocate blocks of study time for different subjects, spaced out between school hours, breaks, and co-curricular activities. Additionally, ensure that your revision plan includes a good night’s sleep every night. Getting sufficient rest is key to better memory retention, especially after a whole day of mugging.

Make Use of Cue Cards

Flash card notesEvery chemistry student knows that there are plenty of formulae and concepts to remember. Sometimes, these may be too long or complex to simply memorise in one sitting. You may also want to have them in an easy-to-refer format anytime so that they will be conveniently accessible anytime you need them.

Writing your own notes is one thing, but for even easier revision on-the-go, give cue card notes a try! These handy cards can contain anything from formulae to definitions and are conveniently carried around in a bag, wallet or even a pocket. Cue cards can save you the hassle of having to bring a large lecture pad around, allowing you to revise chemistry anywhere and anytime you want. As a bonus, cue cards are often more easily organised than conventional notes. They can also make for great self-testing kits when you wish to see how well you can remember the subject matter.

Use Smart Memorisation Techniques

There are many ways to study, but some are more efficient than others. Memorising everything in the textbook word-for-word is one way to remember content, but is it the quickest or most effective?

Top chemistry students do not necessarily have a superhuman memory, but they do often make use of tips and tricks to study more efficiently. For example, one common way top students remember content is through association. By linking related concepts together, it is easier for students to recall each topic and apply them to their exam questions. Practice these concepts on the go, not just during your allocated study times. The more students reinforce their learning, the more comfortable they will be with question formats of all sorts.

Form a Study Group

Group of Young Students Studying together at LibraryIt is easy to feel unmotivated and discouraged when preparing for the exams on your own. What about finding some company among your classmates and studying together?

Forming a study group has numerous benefits for each student involved. For one, if you or your peers encounter difficulties, it is easy to check with one another and see if anyone has insights. With more minds put to the task, the group may arrive at a “Eureka!” moment earlier than anyone could have alone. Peers can also share their knowledge and studying techniques with one another, sometimes bringing you newfound knowledge that you would otherwise not have known.

Additionally, do not limit yourself to studying with those who are more knowledgeable than you. Guiding a weaker peer in their studies has shown to be beneficial to one’s own learning as well. After all, we often learn best by teaching others!

Seek Help from JC Chemistry Tuition

Have you tried everything to no avail? It is normal for students to encounter difficulties mastering the JC chemistry syllabus. Fortunately, you do not have to do this alone. Attending chemistry tuition can provide much-needed help, allowing you to consult a personal mentor in a one-to-one or small classroom setting, instead of relying on school teachers who may not have the time to address each student’s concerns. With the help of A level chemistry tuition, you can boost your academic prowess and achieve the top score that every student is vying for.

Tired of that perpetual low score in JC chemistry? Well, it does not have to be a problem any longer. We have been helping JC students just like you achieve the grades of their dreams. Our accredited JC chemistry tutors have been working with the latest JC chemistry syllabus and know the ins and outs of the subject like the back of their hand. Sign up with our experienced A-level chemistry tutors and prepare to be surprised at how quickly your results will improve!

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