4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Your Lectures

Published on 29 March 2017 by onlineion | For Students

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Your Lectures

Most of us have had that moment when the alarm rings in the morning. You wake up and think about how boring the lecture is going to be and how comfortable your bed is. You then decide you will recover the lost lesson later and pull the covers back over your head. There are lots of reasons why students will miss lectures, some are valid and some not so much. You may reason that you can stream the lectures on youtube or go to the online student portal and download the notes so what’s the need for lectures? Below we will look to see why it is important to attend your lectures and how to maximize your learning potential.

Lectures form the basis for all your assessment

The main reason why students miss lectures is because they view them as a waste of time. However, they may very well offer valuable insight into how to delve into and approach a topic. By listening to the lecturer, you can take simple notes that will serve as a map with key words, short-cuts and examples. You will also notice whether the lecturer emphasizes on certain points or says whether or not other points may be in the examination. This kind of information will simplify the learning process and can only be gained if you are available for the lesson.

You will learn concentration

While reading and doing are ways to learn, listening is also a very important method to take in information. Another reason why lectures seem boring is due to the fact that they require concentration. Attending lectures will end up giving you concentration skills that will impact positively on your future studies and career. Take time to listen to what the lecturer is saying and write down short notes. Do not write grammar or lengthy details just summarized concepts. Make use of lines and arrows and different colours that will guide you when you indulge more on the topic.

You will receive extra information

Other than the information contained in the slides and notes , another major advantage of attending lectures is that the lecturer will most often provide you with extra tips and facts that will assist you in understanding a certain topic better as well as provide exam dates or changes in assignment dates. You will also be able to ask questions and clarification in areas you don’t understand as well as listening to what other students are asking.

Lectures will provide you with opportunities

When you attend lectures and interact with other students and lecturers you will be able to obtain information other than the lessons. The lecturer may mention a company, website or event that may interest you. You are after all studying the course because you enjoy it. By asking questions and interacting you may come to discover new things about your field of study that you were not previously aware of. Building a good a healthy relationship with your lecture may prove useful when looking for sponsorship, internship or even a job.

Remember, you are responsible for what and how much you learn and your education is only as helpful as you make it.

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