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Published on 19 February 2020 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Tutors

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According to a report of BBC News, Singapore stands highest in the PISA rankings, with the outstanding performances of very young students in maths and science. That’s why Singapore always strives to maintain this position. This passes a huge pressure of competition to each and every student to maintain it and score well to enter top university courses.

There are various home tuition teacher programs organized by various agencies in Singapore, with the tuition industry worth estimated at over $1 billion.  Tutors are in demand, and being a Full-time Tutor can be quite lucrative.

What is home tuition?

In Singapore, 97% of students do have or had a mentor while studying. Though the increasing quality of education prepares the student for the future, it also requires them to compete at a faster pace. Ultimately every student has to do smart work rather than hard work.

With this year after year growth, many have never had a better time to start home tuition agencies in Singapore.

Home tutoring is a type of tutoring that takes place at the student’s home. This must not be confused with the other tuition academies, where students are taught after schools in the same class-like environment. This is more of a separate and customized experience. Home tutoring includes the one-on-one learning experience of a student by a professional teacher, that his/her parents hire from any home tuition agency in Singapore.

What are the benefits of home tuition?

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The trending “home tuition” features the facility of getting tutored by professionals at students’ own homes without having to go anywhere and worrying about managing time to travel there. Kids get an individualized curriculum designed according to their individual pace and understanding of their syllabus. Hence ‘home tuition agency in Singapore‘ plays a very crucial and relevant role.

Many students are not so confident to ask their queries in a class or group like environment. Also, there is always a deficit of time. And students end up keeping their confusion within themselves in order to avoid any embarrassment before their classmates.

A pupil would, therefore, be more open to his tutor than would his school teacher. Home-based tutoring Singapore is learner-centered. A tutor can address any special needs more so, work to make sure the pupil gets help in those areas that require the most attention. The tutor figures out the weak areas or subjects of the concerned student and plans the study scheme accordingly.

Looking for a home tuition agency in Singapore?

If you are the one planning to be a home tuition teacher in Singapore, you must have done graduation, A-Levels or any relevant Diploma.

Foreseeing the academic success, parents prefer highly qualified tutors for their children. They usually do not opt for someone with education as minimum as O levels.

Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree from a local university in a high-demand field, such as English, Mathematics, or Science, can expect higher pay. Even if you are not a university graduate, you have to have an efficient hold of these basic level subjects that are being taught in schools of Singapore.

Earn Tutoring Credentials & Track Record

Once you have your first few students, it’s incredibly important to make sure you provide the tutee with adequate academic support that they would improve significantly, mostly up to a distinction.

Improving your credibility as a tutor and building up your track record will make you stand out from the rest, as you can provide feedback/recommendations from your previous students.

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