5 Proven Methods To Boost Concentration And Your Grades

Published on 18 April 2017 by onlineion | For Students | Study and Exams Tips & Guide

5 Proven Methods To Boost Concentration And Your Grades

Singapore’s education system is highly pressurising, but there’s no need to state the obvious. With the recent changes to the PSLE scoring system, it’s yet to be tried and tested. Which means that even primary school students are not spared from the vicious clutches of educational stress. But fret not, because these 5 methods for boosting concentration and minimising distractions are going to greatly relieve that burden.

Make a detailed list of subjects or assignments you want to tackle

As simple as it sounds, maintaining this habit on a consistent basis is going to require you to practice some discipline. This list will comprise of everything you want to achieve for the day with timeframes, broken down into individual topics and assignments. Rank each task based on its level of importance or difficulty, with the more important or difficult ones coming first. If your time spent exceeds the allocated timeframe, stick to the plan and start on something else, but make a note on your list that you haven’t completed that specific task.

At the end of everything, you’re going to review your list and revisit whatever’s unfinished. This method is designed to maintain concentration and prevent students from losing focus if they encounter a mental blockage.

Identify your most common distractions and eliminate them

Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. Whatever you find yourself getting distracted by, simply remove it. It’s understandable that the recent release of Pokemon Go is definitely no help, but simply placing your phone far away from you is going to do a great deal in boosting your concentration. One of the surefire ways of reducing distractions is to make that possibility as inconvenient as possible for you.

Organize your studying space

Most students find it difficult to concentrate when there’s loud noise. But they tend to overlook that a visually cluttered study space can have the same effect; not to mention that it’s going to be difficult looking for your pens and other stationery. Keep your study space as organised as possible. This neat little trick will aid you in your efforts of reducing distractions. But apart from that, it also acts as a minor form of encouragement and provides the student with a small sense of pride and motivation.

Earn the right to take periodic breaks

Don’t take breaks as and when you like – you have to earn it first. This means setting a minor mental goal, and only taking a break after you’ve reached that milestone. If you haven’t attained that specific goal, then by no means should you be taking a break. It’s important to be tough on yourself and to exercise discipline. Besides, taking a well-deserved break is far more rewarding than an ordinary break.

Stop slouching and keep your posture upright

It might sound pretty insignificant, but it plays a massive role in your overall concentration. Here’s the logic behind it. If you’re studying or doing an assignment in the comfort of your own bed, there’s a good chance that you’re going to fall asleep eventually. Similarly, if you’re slouching while you study, you’re going to be in a position of comfort. That’s going to encourage those lazy bones and eventually demotivate you. So, sit up straight when you study.

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