Key Signs Your Child May Need A Home Tutor

Published on 16 September 2020 by Edu Aid | For Parents | Tuition

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Home tuition in Singapore has grown in popularity over the last decade and for good reason too. It can help your child to significantly improve their grades, get more out of their education and enjoy school. Although school is a great way for children to understand the fundamentals of learning and gain an understanding of everyday subjects, many children find it extremely difficult to learn. This is due to several reasons, all of which can impact the extent to which your child loves or hates their time at school.

Firstly, it is important to note that all children learn in their own way. Some learn visually, some learn kinesthetically, and others learn from listening. Most individuals are a mix of all 3 but have one of they will enjoy. In the general classroom, most of the teaching is done using visual and listening techniques. This puts some children at a disadvantage as learning in this way may not be their strong point. If left unmentioned, it can result in children believing they are not as intelligent to their peers, which can damage confidence and overall ability to enjoy school. The sooner you notice that your child is struggling, the sooner you can consider a home tuition teacher in Singapore. Here are some of the key signs you should look out for.

Issues with Homework

If you find that your child is finding it extremely difficult to complete homework, then additional support may be needed. Struggling with homework is a key indication that your child may be struggling to understand topics in the classroom. By providing them with a one to one session with a private tutor, your child can learn home to complete homework with confidence, fully understanding what they are meant to do and how to meet deadlines with ease.

Trouble Grasping New Subjects

While we all find it difficult to learn certain subjects, if your child is struggling across the board then they may need additional support. Additional support can help them to grasp a particular subject with new teaching methods as well as one to one support. If there is a single subject they simply cannot seem to understand, then a specialist home tutor may be the best option to help.

Grades Are Going Down


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As your child goes through school, the curriculum will continue to become more difficult. If you find that one year your child is doing extremely well and the next, they are starting to struggle, then external support may be the best option. Bad grades do not necessarily mean your child is bad at a subject. It could mean they are struggling to learn in the classroom environment, or they have a mental block that is preventing them from learning. You can also discuss with their teacher if they have noticed any reason for this slip in grades. Together, you can begin planning how to get your child back on track and improving their grades again.

Low Confidence

Low confidence in the classroom can have several adverse impacts. Firstly, your child may feel unhappy about going to school and as a result will be reluctant to do so. This is often caused by a child struggling to learn in the classroom and therefore their ability to perform well in exams. They may begin to fear taking exams, being afraid of failing. By hiring a home tuition teacher in Singapore, you can help to boost their confidence and self-esteem. As their grades begin to increase once again, it is likely that your child will begin involving themselves in classroom discussions and other activities in the school itself.

Poor Time Management

An image of a nice clock with Time ManagementIf you find that your child is failing to complete homework on time, is consistently showing up late to class or spends too much time focusing on a single subject, then a tutor can help them to better manage their time. Time management is a skill that many of us use throughout adulthood. The earlier it is learnt, the better. A tutor can help your child to manage their time and therefore meet all deadlines for upcoming assignments and exams.

Skipping School

Many children who do not like school will often come up with excuses to miss it entirely. They may claim they feel sick on a regular basis, faking illnesses to avoid school altogether. There are many causes for this and identifying the key one if crucial. If the reason is that they feel like they are being left behind in class, then a tutor can help. A home tutor can help your child rebuild their confidence and improve their grades. This will make them want to go to school and will improve their overall levels of happiness.

No Time for Parental Supervision

Being a parent is a full-time job. There are always things to be doing and as your child begins to grow up, you may not have the time or knowledge to help them with their schoolwork. If this is your situation, then a private home tutor can take on this task for you. This is extremely important as concepts and school subjects become more complex. Your child is more likely going to need more support as this happens and therefore reaching out for a home tutor to work with your child is the ideal solution.

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