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Published on 21 January 2020 by Edu Aid | For Parents | For Students | Tuition

Tutor teaching a young girl

As we all know, education is a very important aspect of life that everyone should come in contact with. In the world we live in today, a person with no educational experience will find it difficult to connect and interact with those who have educational experience.  Education comes in many ways, people consider education to be many things for example; a person telling a set of people is a form of education and this is known as informal education. But in the case of this discussion, we will be talking about another form of education which is known as Non-formal education. It involves any home tuition agency that further involves the learning of trade, basic and academic skills but instead of doing this in school, it will be done at home or somewhere else.

If so many people had their way in life they will not go to school to be taught, so many would prefer to receive these lessons at home. This process can be called home tuition or in-home tutoring. In-home tutoring is considered to be any tutoring done in a home, in terms of UK English it is referred to as tuition. Tutoring is simply a situation where instructions are being given by a tutor on a particular subject topic. You mostly experience tutoring in the academic sector because that is where it is more effective. Tutoring normally involves a one-on-one conversation between a tutor and a pupil or other pupil, it could be done in a group.

This kind of knowledge can be rendered by a home tuition agency in Singapore. A home tuition agency can be defined as a word used to describe educational institutions that are private and provide tuition services for students. They teach different subjects and help prepare students for a certain exam. The school system is more of a group thing where every student gathers to be taught the same thing and follow the same timetable. But in the case of tutoring, this is different because the number of people present is small. You and your tutor can focus on a particular subject and treat it thoroughly at your own pace, this way you will understand it better. One of the most competitive businesses in Singapore is tuition agencies as research has shown that there are over 2000 agencies which quite a lot when you think about it.

This is why some people find it hard to find the best tuition agency that will offer good knowledge and provide the best knowledge but lucky for you we have your answer here.  If you are in Singapore and search for a good home tuition agency, just go to google and search for EDU AID. You will see the official website of this tuition agency Singapore and you will follow the process to apply and get registered so that you can begin your home tuition.


Tutor teaching a small group of students

Lessons can be customized to suit the style of the student

Any home tuition agency can customize their lessons in such a way that it would fit the tutee. This is one of the reasons why many people consider tutoring. Lessons can’t be customized in classes so students tend to learn as they are thought and this might be a disadvantage to some students who were not able to learn it in such conditions. If a student takes his or her time to learn something that they are taught or they take a longer time to understand and solve problems, such a child should consider registering for a home tuition agency where you will get the assistance you need. Now the tutor who will handle this knows the capabilities of the child and will teach differently in a way that the child will understand properly.

Personalize attention

It is very difficult for students to receive individual attention from their teachers in school because of the group of students there but this is different when it comes to home tutoring. When a child has a private tutor, he or she receives all the attention the tutor has to offer. The child can ask questions at any time and go over what was not understood.

Exam Preparation And Homework

It is no secret that students all over the world like to do their homework without little pressure. This can be stopped if such a child has a tutor that will ask about the assignment and also assist the child in doing the assignment. The child will develop an interest in doing homework since there is someone there to help with it. Also, tutors can help a student prepare for an upcoming exam.

Increases confidence of students

Tutoring can help boost the confidence of students. A shy student will not be able to express himself or herself when in the presence of others but will be able to do so when he or she is with a private tutor. As time goes on, the child will get used to express himself anywhere he finds himself.

Home tuition agencies can be found all over Singapore, ensure you register with one who gives good services and fits your child’s learning ability.

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