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Mathematics word on a black boardThe word ‘Maths’ alone is frightening enough for students. It’s a scary subject to learn, because it requires students to think. And as most of us already know, thinking is the last thing that students want to do, which explains their utter hatred for Math. Nevertheless, Math is certainly a valuable subject that teaches us highly relevant lessons. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about logic and problem solving. Primary school and secondary school students are put through this difficult subject year after year. Naturally, it’s a vital component in the Singapore education system.

Mathematics is definitely not a subject that’s easy to understand. It isn’t as straightforward as languages or humanities. But it’s one of the subjects where the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ really applies. Sustaining a strong interest in such a boring subject might seem impossible to students, but with help from the right Maths home tuition teacher in Singapore, your child might just find that it isn’t so scary after all. Simply fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and you’ll get an excellent private math tutor in a matter of hours from Edu Aid!

Primary School Maths Home Tuition

The concerns of primary school students rarely revolve around studying, much less around mathematics. Instead of opening a textbook, they’d very much rather be doing literally anything else. Students of such a tender age have the tendency of being easily distracted and constantly restless. But we can’t pin all the blame on them. After all, we do reside in Singapore, a country where education speaks worlds and wonders of a child’s success in the future. That’s not something that he’s going to realise on his own any time soon. However, what you can do is to have your child receive an alternative source of education that could give him a broader perspective of the subjects that he’s studying.

Mathematic symbolsNot to fault Singapore’s education system, which has a comprehensive and yet challenging curriculum, but it is known to be lacking in terms of teaching students effectively. The 21st century world has no room for traditional teaching methods any more. As technology continues to advance, circumstances and the needs of students continue to evolve along with it. Primary school students don’t have the capacity to make decisions that dictate their future on their own, and parents have to take charge and make these decisions on their behalf. Relying on your child’s primary school to give him everything he needs to maximise his potential is a little far-fetched. It might be enough for your child to scrape through, but it’s definitely not going to be enough if you want him to excel.

Edu Aid is a Singapore home tuition agency that specialises in providing parents with reliable maths home tuition teacher. Our verified and qualified list of professional home tutors for maths are able to give your child that little boost that he needs to do better. Education is our passion, and students are our expertise. We are a tuition agency that does not believe in cramming textbook concepts and incorporating mundane repetitions to students, expecting them to grasp an understanding. While that might work perfectly if you’re teaching a monkey to push buttons in a science lab, it’s not going to work on a primary school student. That’s not how teaching works, and that’s not how students learn, especially primary school students. Instead, we are advocates of educating primary school students by breaking down concepts that are difficult to understand and explaining them in a way that even a baby could get it. All primary school students of all standards are able to benefit from having maths tuition, and there’s no better place to find a proven maths tutor than from our tuition agency, Edu Aid.

Secondary School Maths Home Tuition

Once your child advances into secondary 3, math is broken down into two separate subjects: additional and elementary. Naturally, the additional version introduces even more complex theorems and more awful-looking algebra equations. It’s an absolute nightmare. However, that doesn’t make elementary math any easier either. The truth is, the older you get, the harder math gets.Mathematical tools

Secondary school students need additional help if they want to score better grades for their ‘O’ levels. Relying on the conventional education route through secondary school is a mistake that most students and parents make. It’s simply not enough. At least not in this pressurising environment. Enrolling your child into math tuition for secondary school students is the best decision that you’ll ever make, and here’s why.

Math during secondary school is an intimidating subject, and students often develop a fear for it. That fear eventually evolves into hatred and dread, simply because they just can’t get it. Students of all ages, especially in secondary school, excel at what they think they’re good at. Conversely, they fail at what they think they’re bad at. Having a private math tutor to support their learning process will lead to that sense of understanding of math that they’ve been yearning, just enough to push them forward.

Junior College Math Tuition

The unfortunate fact for students in Singapore is that math follows them everywhere they go. There’s just no escaping it, and there’s no hiding from it. Even when students enter Junior College, math is right on their tail. To top it all off, it gets even harder after each year. As you can already tell, ‘A’ level math is no laughing matter, and junior college students know this firsthand. In other words, they’re going to need all they can get.Scientific Calculator on paper

Tuition agencies are one of the most popular sources for getting maths tuition for primary, secondary school, and junior college students. They’re known to be reliable, efficient, and highly effective. Edu Aid is a tuition agency in Singapore that specialises in providing parents with maths tutors at all levels throughout a Singapore student’s academic path. It’s important to find a maths home tutor who’s trustworthy and has the proper qualifications to make a difference in your child’s grades.

There are plenty of benefits that primary, secondary school and junior college students are able to enjoy from having maths home tuition. Getting this help from a tuition agency is definitely a good idea, given their limitless access to hundreds of qualified private math tutor profiles. A tuition agency has the resources and experience to recommend suitable private home math tutors to parents and students of all situations. Fill up a ‘Request A Tutor’ form now and let’s get your child the help he needs to be a Math whiz!

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