A Level Maths Tuition

A Level Maths Tuition

Why A Level Math Tuition

Are you searching A level maths tuition in Singapore? You aren’t alone.

Many students are struggling with A level maths, both H1 and H2. If you are struggling, you are definitely not alone. One of the reasons is because A level is quite a huge jump from secondary school math. Another reason is the “honeymoon period” that most JC students believe they are in. While they are still basking in their fun-filled activities and exciting new friendships, many fail to pay attention to what the lecturers are teaching. They believe they can catch up on their own, just by reading their notes. They believe they can catch up when it’s time for exams. Unfortunately, it’s often too late. By the time they bother to look at their notes, everything simply looks too intimidating to them. They start to panic. Almost everyone goes through this, it’s ok. What you need to do now is to find the right tutor to help you. You can still catch up.

Find a Tutor who meets you where you are

When it comes to A level maths tuition, the foundation concepts must be set right. A student who cannot understand his foundation concepts for each topic will find the questions too daunting. Find a tutor who meets you where you are – not in the literal sense of coming to your location to teach you (if this is what you are thinking). You want to hire a tutor who will help you grasp the subjects core ideals and challenges.

Find one who knows where you stopped understanding, where you got your concepts right, so that he can correct you appropriately and help you understand enough to approach the questions confidently. If your school provides you very comprehensive notes and you have problems trying to understand them, make sure your a level maths tuition can read the notes with you and help you get a good grasp of each topic. If your tutor simply goes straight to solving questions without getting your concepts right, you will not be able to solve more challenging questions. You need to make sure you have a good grasp of the concepts in each topic.

Find A level maths tuition who makes you practice

It is all about practicing, after you got your concepts right. It is time-consuming to practice, so get a tutor who makes you practice hard and who can very quickly correct your errors and show you where you went wrong. The more questions you do, the more familiar you get with the topics. The more familiar you get the faster you answer your questions. There is no short-cut, no smarter way than simply practicing on different kinds of questions.


If you find that you are not reaping much from your tuition experience, you should consider a change instead of letting your precious time go to waste with meaningless work. A level maths tuition need not be difficult. It can be really fun if you find the right tutor. Look no further than Edu aid tuition agency to find your tutor.

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