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E Maths Tuition

Math is introduced right from the start of a child’s formal education in Singapore. Even at primary one, math can be extremely elaborate. Some of the problem sums posed to primary school students can even be difficult enough to stump us adults. It is important for your child to have a reliable E Maths home tuition teacher. As children advance on into secondary school, maths is the last thing that gets easier. Upon entry of secondary one, secondary school students find that their basic principles of math are replaced by the syllabus of elementary mathematics, or otherwise known as E Math. However, the word ‘elementary’ should not be undermined as the syllabus can be described as anything other than elementary.

The most common misconception is that A Math is more difficult than E Math. However, that’s not always the case. Certain students might find the former more challenging, while others might struggle more with the latter. It’s highly subjective and almost entirely dependent on the way that the student perceives the subject. What one student understands about E Math might not be the same as another. Because of this, students who find it difficult to comprehend E Math are left in need of desperate help. Edu Aid is a tuition agency that connects parents and students with reliable E Math private tutors. Fill up a ‘Request A Tutor’ form and get your child the help that he needs to achieve improved results in E Math today!

Secondary school teachers who teach E Math often emphasise that practice makes perfect, which is supposedly the one and only way that students will be able to get better grades in the subject. It’s not wrong, but it’s not the most effective method of learning. Teachers do assign homework to students for them to practice, but it’s not always the most comprehensive. These assignments are usually touch on the topics at a very superficial level, which means that students who complete it might be under the false impression that they have a good grasp over it. Edu Aid’s private E Math tutors, on the other hand, aims to challenge your child beyond that. It might sound scary, but it really isn’t. Private E Math tutors are known to give assignments that require a comprehensive understanding over the topic, allowing students to explore it more in-depth. All of this will in turn prepare him for the
‘O’ levels at secondary four or five.

It’s a practical approach that fully utilises the one-to-one tuition format. Our E Math private tutors will be there to answer any questions that your child might have, guiding him towards having a more complete understanding. It also helps that private tutors teach in an environment that students feel most comfortable in: their very own homes. This allows students to feel a greater sense of security where they’ll be able to ask more questions and engage in deeper discussions. Our private tutors are also able to conduct detailed revisions with their students before examinations, which might just be able to squeeze in a few more extra marks when he sits for the paper.

Secondary school students are constantly under pressure from their busy everyday schedules. They’re required to stay back after school hours for remedial classes, CCAs, and other compulsory events. On top of that, there’s still homework that needs to be done and daily revisions. E Math is merely one subject that secondary school students have to worry about. Having so many things on a student’s plate can be very taxing on them. A private E Math tutor will be able to relieve this burden by going through what they learned during the week and make clarifications about the things that they couldn’t understand. From a macroscopic perspective, this will allow them to complete their homework even faster and maintain their position ahead of the class. This is the advantage that all students need in order to cope better with their curriculum and their schedules. Effort and diligence are definitely two important factors that need to be considered, but working smart and getting the right help takes precedence over them.

E Math tuition focuses on breaking down complex concepts and seemingly alien theorems into bite-sized pieces that secondary school students will be able to digest. It’s a piece of a much larger puzzle, forming a results-oriented studying strategy that will yield positive results. Parents need to realise that their children in secondary school can’t do it on their own, and they need educational help that will allow them to overcome the hurdles and obstacles standing in their way.

Edu Aid is a renowned tuition agency in Singapore that connects students with reliable E Math tutors. The amount of experience that they’ve garnered over the years has allowed Edu Aid to deliver an improvement in student’s results almost every single time. Elementary math doesn’t have to be the bane of education any longer. It doesn’t have to be your child’s most dreaded subject, and it definitely doesn’t have to keep being the subject that your child is consistently failing to perform at. With the right guidance and the right strategy, Edu Aid firmly believes that every single student has the potential to achieve excellence in E Math. Our E Math private tutors are able to devise a study plan with your child, conduct regular revisions, and answer all of his unanswered questions in regards to elementary mathematics. This will give him the confidence and the knowledge to make significant improvements in his standard of math.

All of the benefits have been laid out on the table, and now it’s time for you to take action. Getting your child a private E Math tutor will be the best decision that you’ve ever made. Fill up our ‘Request A Tutor’ form and let’s help your child to get awesome results for his E Math!